Daily WOD – May 24, 2019

Welcome Dominika!

Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Then take 15 minutes to work on 3 or more of the following:

  • Scales
  • L-sits
  • Inversions
  • Planks
  • Stretching

WOD Notes:  Compare push jerk to 180716.  The exercises above (sometimes called SLIPS) are gymnastics based and designed to help build strength, balance and control while also working on symmetry.  Explanations below:

  • Scales – Click HERE to see.
  • L-sits – Can be done hanging from a bar or in a ring support or even from the floor.
  • Inversions – Get upside down, on a pull up bar, rings, or handstand.  You can try for HS walks or push ups.  If hanging you can try for front or back levers or just work on balance.
  • Planks – Plank from hands or elbows.  Try it on the rings if you want some added challenge.
  • Stretching – Do it.

Daily WOD – Feb 15, 2019

Daria with a solid overhead lunge position!

Thruster 3-3-3-3-3


10 Front levers NFT

WOD Notes:  Compare to 160506.

Saturday Reminder: Classes are almost full for Saturday. If you have a partner picked out in advance, please ensure only ONE of you signs up. If classes completely fill we may add a small 10:30 or add a few more spots to the existing classes. It’s our goal for no one to get locked out!


Open Gym – Feb 14, 2019

Janet working through some DB thrusters!

Happy Valentine’s Day ICA! What better way to spend your evening than hitting up Open Gym from 4:30 to 7:30pm.  You can work on anything you’d like including a workout from the last week:

  1. AMRAP in 12 minutes: 1 bar MU, 1 deadlifts, 10 DU then 2/2/20, 3/3/30 and so on until time expires.
  2. Box Squat 5×3 (80-85%) then Complete NFT 25 high box jumps, 3 minute plank hold.
  3. Complete 5 rounds for max reps 20s on, 40s off of hang power cleans (135/95#), weighted pull ups, burpees
  4. With a partner complete 12 rounds of 8L/8R DB thrusters (50/35#), 8m OH walking lunges, 10 T2B, 8m OH walking lunges
  5. EMOM for 20 minutes of the complex: power clean + hang power clean + hang clean
  6. On a 10 minute clock complete 40/30 cal row, 30 bar-over burpees, 30 OHS (115/75#), max muscle ups

CF Endurance Reminder:  Check the comments for Coach Kehl’s CFE WOD, then join us at 5:30am to get it done!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Jeff!

Daily WOD – Feb 12, 2019

Weather Notes: Roads look good and classes are on!  Be sure to sign up for class and you’ll receive any updates if conditions change.

Welcome Olivia!

EMOM for 20 minutes of the complex:

  • Power clean + hang power clean + hang clean

WOD Notes:  EMOM means every minute on the minute you’ll perform 1 rep of the above complex. The goal is to gradually increase the weight over the 20 minute clock.  This style of training will get your heart rate up but will also help you hone in your Oly technique!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Vollmer!


Daily WOD – Feb 11, 2019

Winter weather is on the way. If we need to cancel morning classes we’ll post here by 4:45am.

Faith and Tobin hanging post WOD!

With a partner, complete 12 rounds for time of:

  • 8L/8R dumbbell thruster (50/35#)
  • 8 meter overhead walking lunge – Left arm (50/35#)
  • 10 toes to bar
  • 8 meter overhead walking lunge – Right arm (50/35#)

WOD Notes: This is a partner interval workout, where Parter A completes a full round, then Partner B completes a full round. Pick a dumbbell weight that allows you to move fast!

Community Notes: Next Saturday is our Valentine’s Day partner WOD. Bring a friend for free to our 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30am class! Please have your guest fill out a waiver in advance: HEREIf you and your partner are both ICA members, only one of you needs to sign up, to save space for other members. If you don’t have a partner we’ll pair you off when you get in!

Football WOD – Feb 10, 2019

Complete 5 rounds for max reps of:

  • 20s hang power clean (115/75#)
  • 40s rest
  • 20s of weighted pull ups (50/30#)
  • 40s rest
  • 20s of burpees
  • 40s rest

WOD Notes: Each 20 second interval needs to be a full sprint! For the pull ups, pick a version that allows you to complete at least 5-8 reps in the first round.

Community Notes: Power yoga with Jana at 11:15am! Guests are welcome; preregistration is appreciated.

Daily WOD – Feb 9, 2019

Congrats to Steve M on his first muscle up!!

Box Squat Squat 5×3 (80-85% 1RM)


Complete NFT:

  • 25 high box jumps
  • 3 minute plank hold

WOD Notes:  Make the back squats pretty!  There should be no risk of failure on box squats.  Get to a heavy but good looking weight and stay for 5 sets.


  1. EMOM for 20 minutes of the complex: Clean + Hang Clean + Split Jerk (1+1+1).  Increase gradually (not every minute) over the 20 minute span.  Start around 50% 1RM clean and jerk.
  2. Deficit Snatch Pulls 5×2 (100% 1RM snatch, stand on 25# plate)
  3. Complete for time:
  • 30 alternating single arm DB power clean and jerks (70/50#)
  • 30 cal row
  • 30 alternating single arm DB power snatches (70/50#)

Daily WOD – Feb 8, 2019

Congrats to Megan V on her first muscle up!!

AMRAP in 12 minutes of an ascending ladder of:

  • 1 bar muscle up
  • 1 deadlift (275/185#)
  • 10 double unders
  • 2 bar muscle ups
  • 2 deadlifts
  • 20 double unders
  • 3 bar muscle ups
  • 3 deadlifts
  • 30 double unders

Continue adding reps each round until time expires. Score will be recorded as full rounds + extra reps.

WOD Notes: The preferred sub for BMU is 2x chest-to-bar pull ups. The deadlift weight should not exceed 70% of your 1 rep max.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Chase!

Open Gym – Feb 7, 2019

A rare nice day in February calls for running!

Come in between 4:30 and 7:30 pm for open gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout fro the last week:

  1. AMRAP in 13 minutes of: 5 HSPU, 15 wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′)
  2. Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 then row 20/15 cal after each set.
  3. Complete 3 rounds for max reps of 90 seconds row, 90 seconds rest, 90 seconds power clean and jerk (115/75#), 90 seconds rest.
  4. Complete 21-15-9 reps for time of: cleans (135/95#), 1/3 rope climbs
  5. Complete 40-30-20-10 reps for time of: KB swings (53/35#), 400m run before each round.
  6. Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1 then 100 yds OH carry.

Reminder:  Check the comments tonight for Coach Kehl’s CFE workout and come in at 5:30 am to try it out!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Daria!

Daily WOD – Feb 6, 2019

Dave hammering away at push presses!

Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1


100 yd KB or DB Overhead Carry

WOD Notes:  For anyone that doesn’t feel stable throwing weight overhead, the sub for the split jerk will be either push presses or KB overhead presses.  The overhead carry will be both arms at the same time.  Compare split jerk to 180319.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Sillup!

Football WOD – Feb 3, 2019

EQ powering up a DB snatch!

Complete 3 rounds for max reps:

  • 90 seconds row (calories)
  • 90 seconds rest
  • 90 seconds power clean and jerk (115/75#)
  • 90 seconds rest

WOD Notes: The PC&J should be at a weight that you can cycle through multiple reps even when tired. Anyone with shoulder issues can modify to heavy Russian KBS or power clean only.

Schedule Notes: Reminder that there is no community yoga today. See you next week, 2/10!

Daily WOD – Feb 1, 2019

Tim showing how to get back and engage lats on a T2B!

AMRAP in 13 minutes of:

  • 5 handstand push ups
  • 15 wall balls (20/14# to 10/9′)

WOD Notes: If HSPU aren’t in your arsenal, modify to 5-10 DB presses, 5-10 regular push ups, or 1-2 wall climbs/round. Make sure you keep moving; don’t get stuck at HSPU for more than a minute on any given round.

Open Gym – Jan 31, 2019

Lisa firing through some KBS!

Come in between 4:30 and 7:30 for open gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout from the last week:

  1. Push Press 5-5-5-5-5 then 1 minute hollow hold, 1 minunte handstand walk, 1 minute superman hold, 1 minute handstand walk
  2. With a partner complete 2 rounds for time of: 100 wallballs, 30 power cleans (145/100#) while partner does static hold.
  3. Complete 7 rounds  the 3MOM: 9 KBS (70/53#), 7 DB bench, 5 L-sit pull ups
  4. Complete 6 rounds for time of: 60 double unders, 10 toes to bar, 5 thrusters (155/105#)
  5. With a 15 minute running clock complete 21-15-9 reps of bar facing burpees, c2b pull ups then in remaining time find a 1RM power snatch
  6. Back Squat 10-10-10 then 50 pistols NFT

Reminder:  Check the blog tonight for Coach Kehl’s CFE workout.

Daily WOD – Jan 29, 2019

Welcome Anna!

With a 15 minute running clock complete 21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • Bar facing burpees
  • Chest to bar pull ups

In the remaining time, find a 1 rep max power snatch.

WOD Notes:  There will be a 10 minute cap on the first part of the workout so that you’ve got at least 5 minutes to snatch.  Anyone that doesn’t love snatching is welcome to find a 1 rep max power clean instead.

The 2019 CrossFit Open

The first workout of the 2019 Open will be announced on Thursday, February 21. Are you ready?!? (Click HERE to register or read on for more info.)

What is the “Open?”

The Open is an annual, online, worldwide competition for CrossFit athletes. It’s a once-a-year opportunity to push ourselves to new limits, experience the intensity and camaraderie of competition, and see how we stack up against CrossFitters from around the world.  It’s also one method by which elite CrossFit athletes can qualify for the CrossFit Games.

When is the “Open?”

The Open is 5 weeks long, starting February 21.   Every Thursday night an Open workout is posted to the Games website at 8:00pm. Registered athletes have until that Monday at 8:00pm to complete the workout and post their scores online.

How do I Participate?

If you are a member at ICA, participating in the Open is easy! We run the Open WODs as the Daily WOD every Friday. We’ll have classes at 5:15, 6:15, and 9:30am. In the afternoon we’ll be open from 4:00-7:00pm for “Friday Night Lights,” running heats every 20-30 minutes (depending on the workout). Help us make it fun and festive by showing up early and staying late to cheer on your fellow athletes!

Note: Even if you don’t offically sign up for the Open, you are encouraged to come in and complete the workout each Friday.

What are the Workouts Like?

Every Open WOD has several variations, to encourage participation at all ages and levels. There  are Rx’d and Scaled versions of the WOD, plus versions for teens (ages 14-17) and Masters 55+. You can switch back and forth between Rx’d and Scaled each week as needed.

I’m in. How Do I Register?

Register HERERemember to choose CrossFit Phoenixville as your affiliate!

Pep Talk: If you’re on the fence, sign up! It’s only $20, and registering will motivate you to bring your A-game each week and feel connected to the worldwide CrossFit community. 

Introducing ICA’s “Headliner” Heat

In lieu of an in-house team competition, this year we’re introducing a new twist to the Open: the “Headliner” heat. Each week we’ll select 4-8 athletes to go head-to-head in a heat just for them, around 6:00pm, similar to the Open announcements. Everyone else gets to spectate and cheer for their favorite athlete/team. If you fit in any of the following categories and are interested in participating in a headliner heat, please let us know! You don’t have to be a stud athlete to participate… we need Scaled and Rx, new and experienced, young and old. Thanks in advance for volunteering!

  • Family teams (Significant others, parent/child)
  • CrossFit Rookies (i.e., this is your first Open)
  • Age Group athletes (Ages 14-17 or 35+)
  • AM athletes (represent the 5:15/6:15am classes) & PM athletes (represent the evening classes)

Daily WOD – Jan 28, 2019

Alex W. ripping through some DB snatches!

Complete 6 rounds for time of:

  • 60 Double unders
  • 10 Toes to bar
  • 5 Thrusters (155/105#)

WOD Notes:  The goal in this workout is to choose an appropriate scale such that you won’t take more than a minute on any single movement.  The sub for thrusters will be heavy DB thrusters or front squats. There will be a strict 20 minute cap!

Football WOD – Jan 27, 2019

Congrats to Dan and Dave who took 1st in their age group at the Master’s Arctic Blast!

Complete 7 rounds of:

  • 9 kettlebell swings (70/53#)
  • 7 dumbbell bench press (AHAP)
  • 5 strict L-sit pull-ups

WOD Notes:  This workout is to be completed EMOM style, where you start a new movement each minute.  Minute 1 complete 9 KBS then rest.  Minute 2 complete 7 DB bench press then rest.  Etc.  The goal is to perform the most challenging version of each movement that you can.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Tobin!

Daily WOD – Jan 26, 2019

Vollmer crushing an L-sit pull up!

With a partner complete 2 rounds for time of:

  • 100 wall balls (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • 30 power cleans (145/100#)

While one partner is doing wall balls, the other must hold the bar in a front rack position.  While one partner cleans, the other must hold a deadhang from the pull up bar.  You may switch who holds and who moves as often as you like.

WOD Notes: If you are unable to hold a barbell in front rack position, hold a set of heavy KBs or DBs in the rack position instead. If you are unable to hang on a pull up bar for at least 20 seconds, consider a ring row hang instead.

Community Notes: Good luck to Boelker, Dan E, Erin, and friend-of-ICA Jen Lefkof as they compete in the Master’s Arctic Blast at the Fuge tomorrow! If anyone is interested in spectating, the workouts start at 8:00AM and end around 4:00PM, with an after party at Stickman Brews in Royersford at 5:00PM. Check the blog comments for additional details!


  1. Hang Snatch+OHS+Snatch – Build to a heavy single
  2. Clean Pull 5×2 (100% 1RM clean)
  3. 3×10 DB bench, 3×10 DB row
  4. EMOM for 10 minutes of: 10 wallballs, 5 unbroken power cleans (50% 1RM)

Open Gym – Jan 24, 2019

Tobin ripping away at the rower!

Come in between 4:30 and 7:30 for Open Gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout from the last week:

  1. “Annie” – 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of: double unders and sit ups
  2. Power Total – 1 rep max of back squat, bench press, deadlift
  3. 15-12-9 then 12-9-6 then 9-6-3 reps for time of: front squats (135/95#), burpee box jumps
  4. 8 rounds of 30s on, 30s off: row (1 cal = 1 rep), deadlifts (205/135#), DB push presses (50/35#)
  5. Turkish get up 1-1-1-1 then OHS 1-1-1-1-1
  6. “The Baseline” 500m row, 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups

Schedule Notes:  Be sure to check the comments tonight for Coach Kehl’s CFE workout.  Come on out to the 5:30 am to enjoy it!

Daily WOD – Jan 21, 2019

2019 Power Meet. We had 46 individual lift PRs! Congratulations to all participants!

On a 24 minute clock complete:

  • 30 seconds row (for calories)
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds deadlift (205/135#, NTE 50%)
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 30 seconds single-arm DB push press (50/35#)
  • 30 seconds rest

WOD Notes: Score will be total reps completed. If you are feeling the deadlifts from the power meet, consider scaling to as low as 35% of your 1RM. For the push presses, Rx requires using 1 arm for an entire round, then using your alternate arm for the next round.

Community Notes: If you’re off for MLK day and have young kids at home, join us for a play session from 8:30-9:30am! Feel free to bring bikes, scooters, etc, or just come tumble on our mats and get out extra energy on this extra cold day! If you stay for the 9:30 class, Nik will be in the back room to keep an eye on everyone.

Community Note 2: Happy birthday Tina!!!!

Football WOD – Jan 20, 2019

2019 Men’s Overall Champs
2019 Women’s Overall Strongest
2019 Men’s Wilks Champs
2019 Women’s Wilks Champs
2019 Chili Champs!

Complete 15-12-9 reps for time of:

  • Front Squats (135/95#)
  • Burpee box jumps (24/20″)

At t=8:00, complete 12-9-6 of the same movements.

At t=15:00, complete 9-6-3 of the same movements.

WOD Notes: Record your time for each interval. Ensure at least 2 minutes rest between intervals (i.e., stop wherever you are at t=6:00 and t=13:00.)

Community Notes: Happy birthday Murray and Laura!

2019 Power Meet and Chili Cookoff

The trophies made it back from the master woodworker and jeweler just in time!

The day has come!  Here are the details you should know:


  • 7:00 am – gym doors open for anyone who wants to be in early to warm up.
  • 7:45 am – opening announcements, rules etc.
  • 8:00 am – first two heats of men and all women kick off back squats, third heat of men to follow.  There will not be much down time between events.  Order is squat, then bench, then deads.
  • 10:00 am – chili will be opened up!
  • 11:00ish am – finish lifting, trophies to follow.

Rules to remember:

  • Back Squat – unrack the bar, step back, begin the squat.  Wait for the “Up” call to stand back up.  Walk the bar back in.
  • Bench Press – Lift the bar off the rack (spotter may give a liftoff if requested).  Lower the bar under control to the chest.  Once the “Press” call is made, you may press the bar back up.  Wait for “Rack” call to rerack the bar.  Everyone forgets that last one!
  • Deadlift – Sumo or conventional is allowed.  Once the bar starts moving, it must stay in one continuous motion to lockout.  Once “Down” call is made, you may lower the bar to the ground.  Dropping the bar (even after locking out) will result in a failed lift.

Chili Notes:

  • If you are bringing a crockpot, we’ll have power strips to use.  There will be some sourdough bread, cheddar cheese shreds and sour cream on hand.  If there is anything else you’d like with chili, feel free to bring it!
  • Please bring a serving spoon with your chili.
  • Each vat of chili will be labeled with a number and that number will also be written on the whiteboard.  To vote, simply put a check mark on the board under that number.  The beauty of the plan is its simplicity.

Please note that the actual squat event starts at 8:00 am.  That means you should show up well in advance to adequately warm up!

Heats and live scoring can be viewed here.  To see last years results, click here.

Even if you’re not lifting, come on out to have some fun and cheer on some PRs!



Daily WOD – Jan 18, 2019

Smith getting prepped for the meet!


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:

  • Double unders
  • Sit ups

WOD Notes:  This is one of the earliest CrossFit benchmark WODs, and it’s been a long time since we programmed it at ICA! Athletes who have previously completed Annie in sub-10 minutes should consider doubling the double-unders or adding 5-4-3-2-1 muscle ups to the end of each round. We should have plenty of extra time at the end of class for some skill work or mobilization in prep for Saturday’s meet. Compare Annie to 150715 or 140620

Weather Notes: Snow is expected tonight and Saturday night, with icy conditions predicted for Monday morning. As a reminder, if we need to cancel classes due to inclement weather, we make that information available two ways: (1) posting an update to the blog and (2) canceling the affected classes in Wellness Living (resulting in a text and email to anyone who was registered). We will make a final decision no later than 30 minutes before class begins, so please check your email and/or the blog before driving in to the gym! We make every effort to open, but will close if roads appear unsafe or if Phoenixville declares a Snow and Ice Emergency. 

Open Gym – Jan 17, 2019

Ryan B making his way up the rope!

Come in between 4:30 and 7:30 tonight for Open Gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout from the last week:

  1. Back Squat – training max then 15 weighted box jumps
  2. With a partner complete 5 rounds for time of: 40 KB swings (53/35#), 40 burpees, 40/30 cal row
  3. Complete 5 rounds for time of: 20 wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′), 5 strict pull ups, 10 deads (275/185#), 5 HSPU
  4. Clean 1-1-1-1-1  then Split jerk 3×3 (50%)
  5. Complete 30-20-10 reps for time of: cal row, DB snatches, toes to bar
  6. AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 3 power cleans (135/95#), 6 push ups, 9 air squats

Schedule Notes:  Be sure to check the comments tonight for Coach Kehl’s CFE workout!

Reminder:  Anyone that needs to weigh in for the power meet can do so today or Friday!

Daily WOD – Jan 16, 2019

Welcome John D!

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

  • 3 power cleans (135/95#)
  • 6 push ups
  • 9 air squats

Schedule Notes:  Due to low attendance, the Friday noon class is being removed from the schedule.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

Power Meet Notes:  Heats for the power meet will be set in the next day or so.  Anyone looking to take part in the Wilks division (accounts for bodyweight differences) can weigh in on Thursday or Friday.   Get ready!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Eilish!

Football WOD – Jan 13, 2019

Ceil at the top of the rope!

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 20 wall balls (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • 5 strict pull ups
  • 10 deadlifts (275/185# NTE 65%)
  • 5 strict handstand push ups

WOD Notes: There will be a 25 minute cap on this workout; target time domain is closer to 15 minutes. Don’t get caught up on any one movement for more than a minute!

Power Meet Notes: The sign up sheet (for the meet & chili cook off) is on the desk. Sign up before our magic pen signs you up automatically!

Daily WOD – Jan 12, 2019

Welcome Jason!

With a partner complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 40 KB swings (53/35#)
  • 40 Burpees
  • 40/30 Cal row

WOD Notes:  The reps in this workout may be broken any way you like but movements must be completed in order.  Only one athlete working at a time.

Power Meet Notes:  A sign up sheet for the meet will be on the desk in the morning.  On the sheet, you’ll have a spot to put your opening weight for each lift (usually about 90% of your 1RM).  You ARE allowed to change the opening lift the day of the meet.  Sign up by Tuesday!


Snatch high pull + power snatch + snatch high pull + snatch (build to a heavy single of the complex.

Power clean + push jerk + split jerk (stay lighter ~60% max jerk and make transitions as fluid as possible)

Complete for time:

  • 5 bear complexes (135/85#), 5 bar muscle ups (sub 2xpull ups)
  • 4/4
  • 3/3
  • 2/2
  • 1/1

Complete a 250m run before each round.

Daily WOD – Jan 11, 2019

Back Squat – build to a training max


15 weighted box jumps NFT

WOD Notes:  The goal for today is to find your opening lift for the power meet.  It should be around 90-95% of the lift you are hoping to hit at the meet.  Work your way up and make it look good!

Reminder:  The last day to sign up for the power meet and chili cook-off is Tuesday! We appreciate your cooperation as this will allow us to organize heats and ensure the event runs smoothly.

Nik’s Pep Talk: If you’re on the fence about this power meet, please give me a minute of your time… Every year we hear people hem and haw about signing up for the power meet. And I just don’t get it. If you’re free on Saturday Jan 19, sign up! I hear people say things like “I know I can’t win,” or “I already know where I stand.” Seriously?! Most athletes don’t enter power meets just to win; they enter in order to challenge themselves and, hopefully, set new personal records. Especially at ICA, the focus of the event is enjoying a fun morning with our fitfam, lifting heavy weight, and eating delicious chili. The little dose of nerves that accompanies the event is a GOOD thing – that adrenaline drives many of us to new PRs. If you have a squat, deadlift, or bench press on your goals card for 2019, you owe it to yourself to do this meet. You’ve already put in the work over the last 2 months of our strength cycle. Now’s the time to see the results! Sign up sheets are on the desk. 🙂

Open Gym – Jan 10, 2019

Come in between 4:30 and 7:30 for open gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout from the last week:

  1. AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 12 box jumps, 6 power snatches (115/75#), 2 rope climbs
  2. Deficit Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1 then 5 rounds NFT of 5 strict t2b, 5R/L single leg deads
  3. Complete 4 rounds for time of: 3 power clean and jerks (205/125#), 9 burpees, 3 PC and J, 9 pull ups, rest 1 min after each round.
  4. Fight Gone Bad – 3x1min at each station: push press (75/55#), row, wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′), SDHP (75/55#), box jumps (20/16″)
  5. Bench Press 5×1 (90%, 1s pause) then 3x max effort ring dips
  6. Complete 5 rounds for time of: 55 DU, 9 front squats (185/115#)

Notes:  Be sure to check the comments tonight for Coach Kehl’s CFE workout!

2019 Power Meet Details

The time has nearly arrived!  In two short weeks, ICAers will gather to put on a glorious show of strength and chili.  Don’t miss it.  Here is what you need to know:

Time: Saturday, Jan 19 the first flight will kick off at 8:00 am.  We try to have it wrapped up by noon!

What goes on:  Powerlifting as a sport consists of 3 movements: back squat, bench press and deadlift.  You’ll be given 3 attempts at each lift to find the heaviest weight possible.  The “score” is the sum of the highest successful lift of each movement.

Chili in January is one of the finer things in life but you already know that.  Bring your A game, because I’m bringing mine.

Why you should do it: To set a benchmark.  One of the most important aspects of CrossFit is that almost everything we do is measurable and repeatable.  That means we can track our progress very thoroughly and this is an awesome way to see where you are in terms of strength at the start of the year.  With this in the books, all those “Not to exceed 80% 1RM” notes start to be more useful to you.  Plus some sick trophies!

You should do the chili cookoff because the trophy is a spoon.  But not just any spoon, a spoon hand carved (by a master craftsman) from a solid oak log that was hewn from a 100 year old tree when it was struck by lightening!  Or whatever, you can’t prove it wasn’t.

You can sign up for the meet in Wellness Living. The sign up for the chili cookoff will be on the desk.  Deadline to sign up for both will be Tuesday, Jan 15.



Daily WOD – Jan 9, 2019

Congrats to Julia who is our newest addition to the Loyal Member Board!

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 55 double unders
  • 9 front squats (185/115#)

WOD Notes:  The front squats should be heavy but unbroken through at least the first 3 rounds.

Note:  Anyone who didn’t get to fill out a goal card today can fill out a new one in the coming days.  Make sure to grab your old card off the table if you had one!

Daily WOD – Jan 7, 2019

“Fight Gone Bad”

  • Push press (75/55#)
  • Row (cal)
  • Wall ball (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • Sumo deadlift high pull (75/55#)
  • Box jump (20/16″)

WOD Notes: This is our first benchmark WOD of 2019! Benchmarks are workouts that we repeat to show our progress over time. Below is a schedule of planned benchmarks for 2019. (We’ll likely add some others but will do these at a minimum). Compare FGB to 180123.

  • January: Fight Gone Bad & The Baseline
  • February: Jackie & Isabel
  • March: Diane & Angie
  • April: Karen & Nate
  • May: Grace & Murph
  • June: Fran & 1 Mile Run
  • July: Kelly & Nasty Girls
  • August: 200 Burpees & Nancy
  • September: Diane & 5k Run
  • October: Karen & The CrossFit Total
  • November: Grace & Cindy
  • December: Fran & DT

Event Notes: Mark your calendars for these upcoming dates!

  •  1/8 (Tuesday) – Goal setting workshop in all classes.  We’ll take the first (or last) 10 minutes of class to help you set up your fitness goals for 2019! Come in with some ideas, and we’ll help you refine them. Most athletes choose between 5-10 goals per year. Some should be easier and some should be harder.
  • 1/11 (Friday) – ICA Ladies’ night, 7:00 pm. Rachel Miller from Empower Physical Therapy will be here to talk to us about core & pelvic floor considerations for the female athlete. The event is free and guests are welcome. Light refreshments will be provided; BYO wine/beer/other adult beverage. Email Nikki at ironcrossathletics@gmail.com to register.
  • 1/19 (Saturday) – ICA In-House Power Meet and annual Chili Cook Off!! (All regular classes are cancelled.) Free for all ICA members on a 2x/week or unlimited membership. We’ll have a separate post on this event in the next few days. Stay tuned!
  • 2/16 (Saturday) – Valentine’s Day partner WOD. Bring a friend for free to our 7:30, 8:30, or 9:30 classes! If you and your partner are both members, only one of you needs to sign up. If you don’t have a partner, we’ll pair you up the day of! Please have your guest fill out a waiver in advance: HERE.

Football WOD – Jan 6, 2019

Catherine hitting the top of the rope!

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

  • 3 Power clean and jerks (205/125# NTE 80%)
  • 9 Burpees
  • 3 Power clean and jerks (205/125#)
  • 9 Pull ups

Rest 60 seconds after each round.

WOD Notes:  Each round should take less than 3 minutes.  If any round exceeds 3 minutes, reduce weight or PC&J reps to get it back under the 3 minute mark.

Daily WOD – Jan 5, 2019

Tom S. dodging some dodgeballs!

Deficit Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

Then 5 rounds NFT:

  • 5 strict toes to bar
  • 5R/5L single leg deadlifts

WOD Notes: Compare to 170804.


  1. 5 Position pause snatch 5×2 (50%, 1″ off floor, below knee, above knee, mid thigh, power position)
  2. Snatch: find a 2 rep max touch and go if possible.
  3. Split Jerk 3×5 (70%)
  4. 5 rounds for time of: 10 toes to bar, 2 hang cleans (205/155#)

Open Gym – Jan 3, 2018

Blake pulling heavy weight!

Come in between 4:30 and 7:30 for open gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout from the last week:

  1. Back Squat 5×1 (95% training max) then 5×3 consecutive broad jumps
  2. “Fran” 21-15-9 reps for time of thrusters (95/65#) and pull ups
  3. Complete each on a 90s clock 80yd shuttle then max KBS/box jumps (30/24″)/toes to bar
  4. Teams of 4 accumulate 2019 points by using: row, burpees, wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′) and sit ups.
  5. Box Squat 5×2 (90% training max) then 60yd DB front rack lunges

Reminder:  Check the comments tonight to see what Coach Kehl has in store for the 5:30 am CFE class!

Daily WOD – Jan 1, 2019

Oly class getting Bob K. through the end of a tough workout!

Teams of 4 accumulate 2,019 points for time using the following movements:

  • Row (1 cal = 1 point)
  • Wallballs (1 rep = 1 point)
  • Sit ups (1 rep = 1 point)
  • Burpees (1 rep = 2 points)

WOD Notes: Come one, come all for our first ever New Years Day WOD! Your team of 4 will be randomly assigned at the start of class. You can divide the work any way you want, but only one person can work at each station at one time. The goal is to accrue 2,019 points as fast as possible. Use your strengths to help your team!

Community Notes: Happy birthday Raghu!

Open Gym – Dec 31, 2018

Nik throwing some weight overhead!

“Last Chance” New Year’s Eve Open Gym

WOD Notes: Today is the last chance to knock some 2018 goals off the board. Come in between 7:30 and 10:30 a.m. to do any workout you want! If you’re not sure what you want to do, come in anyway and get an idea from a coach. Compare to 171231.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Danielle!

Football WOD – Dec 30, 2018

Complete each on a 90 second clock:

  • 80 yard shuttle run, max KBS (70/53#)
  • 80 yard shuttle run, max box jumps (30/24″)
  • 80 yard shuttle run, max toes to bar

Rest 90 seconds after each interval. Repeat.

WOD Notes: This workout will have six, 90 second rounds, with a 1:1 work/rest ratio. For larger classes, athletes may pair up and one partner rests while the other works. switching after each interval. Anyone who can’t run can sub a 20 second airdyne sprint.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Brian Wyzowski!

Daily WOD – Dec 27, 2018

Three sisters getting stronger!


Complete for time:

  • 2000m run
  • 22 wallballs (30/20# to 10/9′)
  • 22 muscle ups
  • 22 wallballs (30/20# to 10/9′)
  • 22 power cleans (185/115#)
  • 22 wallballs (30/20# to 10/9′)
  • 2000m run

WOD Notes: This is a hero WOD… it’s heavy and long.  There will be a 30 minute cap to get out the door for the second run.  For a shorter version of this workout, consider scaling to 800m runs, subbing pull ups for muscle ups, and picking more “typical” wall ball and power clean weights. Compare to 171226.

Schedule Notes:  An 8:30 am class has been put on the schedule tomorrow in addition to the 9:30 and 4:30.  Open gym will run as usual from 4:30 to 7:30 pm.  For the three classes, the $10 late cancel/no show fee will be in effect due to high attendance.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday DT!

At Home WOD – Dec 25, 2018

Whether or not you celebrate, we hope your day is filled with love!

EMOM for 10 minutes complete:

  • 12 burpees

WOD Notes: EMOM means every minute on the minute. For this workout, you’ll complete 12 burpees at t=0. Rest for the remainder of the minute, and start another set of 12 burpees at the start of the next minute. (Burpee masters, try this at 15 burpees. Burpee haters, scale down to 9 burpees. Anyone undecided, start at 15 and see how long you last!) If any minute you fail to complete the specified number of reps, the workout turns into an AMRAP for the remaining time. Post the number of minutes you kept up with the EMOM plus any additional reps completed as an AMRAP.

Schedule Notes: ICA is closed today. This is designed to be an at-home WOD! Bonus points if you get your family to join in with you!

Endurance WOD – Dec 24, 2018

Dave, Moira, Sillup, and EQ rowing hard! #showmeyourpainface

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 400 meter run
  • 30 walking lunges (15R/15L)
  • 20 squats w/ med ball (20/14#)
  • 10 burpees

Row a total distance of 1,000 meters during the workout, divided any way you want!

Schedule Notes: Thanks to Coach Kehl for offering this Christmas Eve class! There is one class only, at 7:00am. We made it larger-than-normal, with 20 spots, to accommodate as many athletes as possible. That said, please read these important notes:

  1. All 20 spots are currently reserved. If you did not sign up, do not show up! 
  2. If you reserved a spot but can no longer attend, please remove your name ASAP. Failure to remove your name by 6:00am will result in a $10 late cancel fee.
  3. This is a great at-home WOD! Assuming you don’t have a medicine ball, you can replace the med ball squats with squat jumps, and replace the 1,000 meters of rowing with additional running. If you complete this WOD at home, post your time to comments!

Football WOD – Dec 23, 2018

Nick L working through some DB snatches!

Open 18.1 Remix – Partner Interval AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

  • 8 toes to bar
  • 10 dumbbell clean & jerk (5R/5L @ 50/35#)
  • 12/8 calorie row

WOD Notes: Intensity is the name of the game today! Pick scales that enable you to move quickly through each movement. Each round should take less than 2 minutes – modify as needed to make this happen! The sub for toes to bar is 8R/8L mountain climbers.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Rocco and Chris M!

Yoga Notes: Wear your red and green to yoga tomorrow for a Christmas themed class! Our Sunday yoga is free and open to the public, so bring your friends, family, and out of town guests too!

Daily WOD – Dec 22, 2018

Ray F. firing through some single unders!

“12 Days of ICA”

  • Day 1 = 1 x 200m run
  • Day 2 = 2 deadlifts (225/155#)
  • Day 3 = 3 box jumps (30/24″)
  • Day 4 = 4 push ups (men clapping)
  • Day 5 = 5 second L-sit hold
  • Day 6 = 6 wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • Day 7 = 7 KB swings (53/35#)
  • Day 8 = 8 KB SDHP (53/35#)
  • Day 9 = 9 burpees
  • Day 10 = 10 walking lunges
  • Day 11 = 11 knees to elbows
  • Day 12 = 12 keg ground to overhead (105/75#)

WOD Notes:

  1. You do the workout like you sing the song. Round 1 you do Day 1 (200m run). Round 2 is Day 2 + Day 1  (2 deadlifts + 200m run). Round 3 is 3 box jumps + 2 deadlifts + 200m run… etc.  Compare to 171223.
  2. If you signed up but can no longer show up, please remove your name ASAP. If you were hoping to attend but all heats are full, send us a text with your preferred heat time. We will accommodate as many as we can! We may ask the extra athletes to start at “off heat” times, such as 7:45, 8:15, 8:45, 9:15, etc.
  3. There will be no coach led warm up. Please show up at least 20-30 minutes before your heat time to get warm and practice each of the movements. Ask a coach or experienced athlete if you have questions!
  4. If you’re not up for an hour-long WOD, consider scaling by only doing rounds that start with an even number. Once you start a round you still complete ALL movements in that round… This effectively cuts the workout in half but still allows you to complete each station.

Open Gym – Dec 20, 2018

Thanks to everyone who donated to this year’s Adopt-a-Family program. In addition to the gifts shown we were able to provide several Walmart gift cards for the families. We know the families will be blown away by your generosity!

Come in between 4:30 and 7:00 for open gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout from the last week:

  • “Randy” 75 power snatches for time (75/55#)
  • Back squat 2-2-2-2-2 then 3×10 close stance front squats and 40 yds lateral banded walks
  • Complete 5 rounds for time of: 9 thrusters, 9 strict pull ups, 9 burpees
  • Complete for time: 30/21 cal row, 30 DB snatches (50/35#), 30 toes to bar, 30 DB snatches, 30/21 cal row.  Complete 60 DU before each round.
  • EMOM for 30 minutes of: power clean, hang clean
  • Complete 4 rounds for time of: 15 handstand push ups, 400m run

Schedule Notes:  Open gym tonight will end at 7:00 instead of 7:30.  Next week we will be back to ending at 7:30.

Reminder:  Check the comments tonight to see what Coach Kehl has in store for CFE tomorrow morning!

Daily WOD – Dec 19, 2018

Hats off to Nikki K on her first pull ups!

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

  • 15 Handstand push ups
  • 400m Run
Schedule Notes: Mark your calendars for these upcoming schedule changes!

  • Dec 22 – “12 Days of ICA” 7:30-10:30am. Heats kick off every 30 minutes. Register for your heat time in Wellness Living. To see the WOD, check out last year’s post.
  • Dec 23 – Christmas themed Yoga at 11:15am. Wear your red & green and bring your out of town guests!
  • Dec 24 thru Dec 26 – ICA is closed. We’ll post daily at-home WODs/challenges. Post your results to comments!
  • Dec 27 – No Endurance Class. 9:30am & 4:30pm WOD (Hollywood), 4:30-7:30pm Open Gym
  • Dec 28 thru Dec 30 – Regular Schedule
  • Dec 31 – “Last Chance” Open Gym, 7:30-10:30am. This is your last chance to hit your 2018 goals! All other classes are cancelled.
  • Jan 1 – 9:30am Team WOD. No other class times.
  • Jan 2 – Regular schedule resumes

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Chloe!

Daily WOD – Dec 18, 2018

EMOM for 30 minutes of the barbell complex:

  • Power clean + hang clean

WOD Notes:  The intent on this workout is to gradually increase in weight over the 30 minutes by starting light and increasing every 3 to 6 minutes.  Those of you looking to push pretty heavy in the final ten minutes may need to switch to a set every other minute to allow for recovery.

Daily WOD – Dec 17, 2018

Complete for time:

  • 60 Double unders
  • 30/21 Cal row
  • 60 Double unders
  • 30 DB snatches (50/35#)
  • 60 Double unders
  • 30 Toes to bar
  • 60 Double unders
  • 30 DB snatches (50/35#)
  • 60 Double unders
  • 30/21 Cal row

Adopt-a-Family Notes:  Donations and gifts for the families ICA has “adopted” this holiday season are due by this Wednesday, 12/19!  If you were planning to do it, please bring your donations in ASAP.  You can see our original post with details HERE.


Football WOD – Dec 16, 2018

Complete 5 rounds of:

  • 9 thrusters (135/95)
  • 9 strict pull ups
  • 9 burpees

Rest 1 minute after each round

Yoga Note: Starting today, our 11:15am Sunday yoga class is FREE! Many of our coaches and athletes have been practicing yoga since last March, and we’ve seen improvements in flexibility, stability, balance, core strength, and mental focus. This is an unbeatable opportunity to practice yoga with one of the area’s best instructors, Jana Kent-Dewald, for free! Guests are welcome too.

Pro Shop Note: United Mettle is offering 15% off all grips and wrist wraps through 12/25. Purchase online or at the kiosk and use code HOLIDAY15.

Daily WOD – Dec 15, 2018

Back Squat 2-2-2-2-2


  • 3×10 close stance front squats (35% 2RM back squat)
  • 40 yds banded monster walks

WOD Notes:  Compare back squat to 180724.


High Hang Snatch 2×2@60%, 2×2@70%, 3×1@80%

Power Clean + Push Jerk (1+1) work to a 1 rep max.

Complete for time:

  • 15 power clean and jerks (135/95#)
  • 250m row
  • 10 power clean and jerks (135/95#)
  • 500m row
  • 5 power clean and jerks (135/95#)
  • 750m row

Daily WOD – Dec 13, 2018

Smith lining up a PR power clean!

Join us between 4:30 and 7:30 tonight for open gym.  You can do any workout you like, including a workout from the last week:

  1. Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1 (+4″ rack) then 10R/10L single leg box jump, 3×10 barbell hip thrusts
  2. Complete 5 rounds for time of: 10 thrusters (115/75#), 10 box jump overs, 10/8 cal row, 1 rope climb
  3. Work up to a 1 rep power snatch then complete for time and load 10-8-6-4-2 reps of power snatch (155/105#), farmer carry (heavy)
  4. Partner interval AMRAP in 20 minutes of: 5 box jumps (30/24″), 10 burpees over a bag, 15 wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′)
  5. Close grip bench press 1-1-1-1-1 then 1 min right plank, 1 min left plank, 2 min plank.
  6. Complete for time: 10 muscle ups then 50-40-30-20-10 KBS (53/35#), Russian twists (25/15#), then 10 muscle ups

Schedule Notes: Join Coach Kehl tomorrow bright and early for CrossFit Endurance.  Check the blog tonight for the workout!  Also, starting tomorrow Open Gym is extended by 30 minutes, from 4:30-7:30pm.

Yoga Note:  We have good and bad news about yoga. The bad news is we are cancelling the Thursday 7pm yoga class going forward. The good news is Sunday’s 11:15am is now FREE for members and non-members! We are offering this free service because we truly believe in the benefits of yoga, and we want to make it as accessible as possible. We hope to see you (and your friends, neighbors, spouses, etc) on Sunday!

Daily WOD – Dec 12, 2018

Alexa working through double unders!

Complete for time:

10 muscle ups

then 50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

  • KB Swings (53/35#)
  • Russian Twists (25/15#)

then 10 muscle ups.

WOD Notes:  The scale for muscle ups will be pull ups and push ups (20 and 20).  Ideally the first set of muscle ups (or pull ups/push ups) should take less than 3 minutes.

Daily WOD – Dec 11, 2018

Jen C with a solid landing position on a split jerk!

Close grip bench press 1-1-1-1-1 


  • 2 minute plank hold
  • 1 minute right side plank
  • 1 minute left side pank

WOD Notes:  For the close grip bench, your hands should still be on the knurling (not on the smooth part).  Somewhere between the edge of the knurling and a thumbs distance from the edge should work.

Lululemon Note:  Lululemon Wayne will be hosting an  ICA shop day this Wednesday, Dec 12th from 10am to 7pm.  There will be a special surprise for any ICAer who comes out.  Any questions please reach out to Ricky Lanzilotti with questions (610-246-3942).

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Brooke!

Football WOD – Dec 9, 2018

Work up to a heavy 1 rep power snatch


Complete for time & load:

  • 10-8-6-4-2 power snatch (155/105#)
  • 50 yd farmer carry after each set (AHAP)
WOD Notes: The power snatches should be heavy; they’re expected to be done one at a time. Anyone with shoulder issues should sub power cleans. The farmer carries can be done with KBs or DBs. (We also have 1 pair of farmer handles first come first serve.) Pick the heaviest weight you can carry for a lap around the gym (AHAP = as heavy as possible).

Daily WOD – Dec 8, 2018

Robbie knocking out some banded deads!

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 10 Thrusters (115/75#)
  • 10 Box jump overs (24/20″)
  • 10/8 Cal row
  • 1 Rope climb

WOD Notes:  For anyone who loves rope climbs, consider going legless!


  1. Snatch balance + OHS + snatch balance + OHS (5×1, 50% 1RM snatch)
  2. Hang Snatch 2-2-2-2-2
  3. Rack Jerk 4×1 (90% jerk)
  4. 3×6 strict toes to bar, 8 behind the neck presses, 10 bent over rows (KB)
  5. Death by hang power clean (50% 1RM HPC)

Daily WOD – Dec 7, 2018

Nicole, Dave and Kenny hammering away through sit ups!

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1 (bar raised on 45# plates)


Accessory work:

  1. 10R/10L single leg box jumps
  2. 3×10 barbell hip thrusts (50% 1RM)

WOD Notes:  The deadlifts today are a TRAINING max, not a true max.  Build in weight on each set until you get to something heavy that still moves smoothly and with good form.

Community Notes: Happy Birthday Megan V!

Open Gym – Dec 6, 2018

Congrats to Tiffany and Amber on the birth of their daughter Dylan!

Join us between 4:30 and 7:00 tonight for Open gym! You can do any workout you’d like, including making up a workout from this past week.

  1. Complete for time: 30 pull ups, 40 push ups, 50 situps, 60 squats, 70 wall balls, 60 squats, 50 sit ups, 40 push ups, 30 pull ups
  2. Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1 (1-board). See 12/1 post for accessory work
  3. Complete 8 rounds of: 40s Cleans (80% 1RM), 20s rest, 40s Row (cals), 20s rest
  4. Run 1 mile or sled drag 400m NFT then Back squat 5×3 (80% 1RM)
  5. “DT” 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, 6 push jerks (155/105#)
  6. Complete 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 chest-to-bar pull ups, 50 DU before each round

Yoga Note:  Join us for Yoga with Amy at 7:00pm. Your first yoga class is free! Additional info HERE.

CFE Note:  Kehl is coaching CF Endurance at 5:30am; check comments for the WOD!

Community Notes: Happy birthday Caine! Hit up those birthday burpees in Montana!

Daily WOD – Dec 4, 2018

Welcome Dave W!


Complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 12 deadlifts (155/105#)
  • 9 hang power cleans (155/105#)
  • 6 push jerks (155/105#)

WOD Notes:  Compare to 171209.

Rowvember Notes: Congrats to everyone who completed the 30,000m row in the month of November!  Here is everyone we know of that completed it:

  • Filchner
  • Pete S
  • Jimbo
  • NIk
  • Fred
  • Alexa
  • Murray
  • Betsy
  • Allison
  • Jenn
  • Rob G.
  • Erik
  • Danielle
  • Faith
  • Kelly G.
  • Boelker
  • Janet
  • Marissa W.
  • Jesse
  • Ceil
  • Rey
  • John
  • Nikki K.
  • DE
  • Steve M.
  • Zane
  • Ben
  • Erin
  • Jim C.
  • Chris M.
  • Kenny
  • Linda
  • Vollmer
  • Moira
  • Smith
  • Kehl
  • Robbie

If you completed the challenge but don’t have your name on the list, add your name to comments!

Daily WOD – Dec 3, 2018

Lombardi throwing the bar around!

Run 1 mile or 400m sled drag NFT


Back Squat 5×3 (80% 1RM)

Community Notes: Ladies, mark your calendars for Friday January 11 at 7:00pm! We’re hosting  an ICA ladies night with special guest Rachel Miller, a Certified Functional Manual Therapist and Board Certified Women’s Health Specialist, from Empower Physical Therapy in Exton. We’ll be discussing core and pelvic floor health for the female athlete – a useful topic for all of us, but especially those with low back or hip pain, or who is pregnant or postpartum (even many years postpartum). The event is totally FREE and open to friends and family. We will provide light refreshments; (adult) beverages are BYO! Sign up at the Front Desk or email Nikki at ironcrossathletics@gmail.com if you plan to attend.

Football WOD – Dec 2, 2018

Welcome back from Kuwait Steve M!

Complete 8 rounds for max reps:

  • 40 seconds Squat Cleans (80% 1RM)
  • 20 seconds Rest
  • 40 seconds Row (calories)
  • 20 seconds Rest

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Frank W. and Kerri!

Schedule Notes: If you’re looking for some active recovery, remember we have Vinyasa yoga at 11:15! First class is free!


Daily WOD – Dec 1, 2018

Welcome Ian!

Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1 (1-board)


Accessory work:

  • 3×10 bench press (50% 1RM)
  • 3×25 banded tricep extensions
  • 3×25 banded lat pull downs



  1. Power Snatch 1-1-1-1
  2. Clean 1-1-1-1
  3. Complete for time: 50/35 cal row & 30 burpees
  4. Every 2 minutes complete 5 clusters (155/105#), 10 minute time cap.

Daily WOD – Nov 30, 2018


Jesse working on double unders!

Complete for time:

  • 30 Pull ups
  • 40 Push ups
  • 50 Sit ups
  • 60 Air squats
  • 70 Wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • 60 Air squats
  • 50 Sit ups
  • 40 Push ups
  • 30 Pull ups

WOD Notes: Does this look like fun or what?!? (Insert evil laugh.) Focus on ROM today. Chin-over-bar on pull ups, chest-to-deck on push ups, and hips below parallel on squats. John’s challenge: Someone do it in under 15!

Rowvember Notes:  This is the last day to rack up some meters!  The gym will be open from 5:15am until 1:00pm for anyone that needs to knock out that last little bit, and again from 3:30pm to 7:00pm. If you completed the 30k, be sure to show John or Nikki your log today or over the weekend. Unicorn stickers are ready to be claimed!

Community Notes: Happy birthday Coach eQ!

Open Gym – Nov 29, 2018

Robin dropping under the bar!

Come in between 4:30 and 7:00 pm for open gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout from last week:

  1. Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1 then alternating tabata of goblet squats (53/35#), Russian twists (25/15#)
  2. Grace – 30 clean and jerks for time
  3. Complete 4 rounds, each for time of: 7 sumo deads, 14 pull ups, 21 box jumps
  4. Complete 8 rounds for time of: 10 push presses (95/65#), 40 DU
  5. AMAP in 15 minutes of: 9 KBS, 7 burpee box jumps, 5 toes to bar.
  6. Banded deadlift 6×3 then power clean 1-1-1-1-1 3x15R/15L single leg deads.

Yoga Note:  Tomorrow’s yoga class will be a more restorative style as compared to the usual power yoga. As a trial of the new style, it will be a free session.

CFE Notes:  Check the comments for Coach Kehl’s CFE workout and then come on out for the 5:30 am class!  Have fun.


Daily WOD – Nov 28, 2018

Ed knocking out Grace!  Photobomb credit to Frank W.

Banded Deadlift 6×3 (50% 1RM deadlift)


Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Then 3x15R/15L single leg KB deadlifts

WOD Notes:  Compare power clean to 170818.

From Smith:  Just wanted to send a massive thank you to everyone who came out and  participated in our family photo sessions this year!  Together we raised $770 for Phoenixville Area Community Services (PACS)!  I had a blast getting to meet all of the families and seeing the ICA family in “real cothes”!  Looking forward to doing it again in 2019!

2018 Holiday Adopt-a-Family

Today is “Giving Tuesday,” a great time to kick off one of our favorite ICA traditions…

ICA’s 6th Annual Holiday Adopt-a Family!

This year Orion has matched us with two local families in need. We have the chance make their holiday wishes come true!!

Participation is completely optional/voluntary. If you are interested, there are several ways you can help:

  1. Buy gift cards that we will pass along to the families (especially Walmart, Target, and Giant cards)
  2. Provide cash/check donations (which we will convert to gift cards for the family)
  3. Purchase gifts directly off the families’ wish lists. The lists are linked HERE and will also be posted at the gym. Please write your name next to an item if you plan on purchasing it, to avoid duplicates.

Donations must be dropped off at ICA by Wednesday December 19! 

We also wanted to let you know about a 2nd opportunity to give back this season.  ICA member Tina Santoro has organized a group of “guests chefs” to prepare a meal at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House on Thursday 12/27. The Ronald McDonald House supports families of seriously ill children by providing housing and support services at low or even no cost. Tina has enough “guests chefs,” but is looking for food donations to help them make the meal. (They are expecting to feed about 75 people!) Tina will post a sign-up sheet at the gym indicating specific food items and quantities needed. There will also be pantry items, which are used as “grab-and-go” meals for families to take with them to the hospital. Monetary donations are welcome too. All items for the Ronald McDonald “Guest Chef” meal must be dropped off at ICA by Sunday December 23.

We appreciate any and all donations to these causes. We have so much to be thankful for, and we look forward to sharing our blessings with those in need this holiday season.

Daily WOD – Nov 26, 2018

Sydney working through wallballs!

Complete 8 rounds for time of:

  • 10 push presses (95/65#)
  • 40 double unders

WOD Notes:  If you opt for DB push presses, make the total weight of the DBs approximately 2/3 the barbell weight you would have used.

Rowvember Notes:  Friday is the last day to rack up meters toward your 30,000m goal!  We’ll collect totals over the weekend, and anyone who rowed at least 30k will get a shout out on the blog and a highly coveted puking unicorn CrossFit sticker. Get it done!

Football WOD – Nov 25, 2018

Tim, Jeff, and Janet ripping through wallballs!

Complete 4 rounds, each for time of:

  • 7 sumo deadlifts (70% 1RM)
  • 14 pull ups
  • 21 box jumps (24/20″)

Start a new round every 5 minutes.

WOD Notes: Each round will be capped at 4 minutes to ensure at least 1 minute rest.

Schedule Notes: It’s been a rough 3 days of programming… get some “active recovery” via yoga with Jana at 11:15am! First yoga class is free.

Daily WOD – Nov 24, 2018

Frank N. locking out a deadlift!


30 power clean and jerks for time (135/95)

WOD Notes:  This is a very short benchmark metcon designed to be sub 5 minutes.  Choose a weight that is challenging but does not make you risk failure.  Compare to 180514.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Ed! And Happy Belated Birthday to Julie (Friday)!


  1. 3 position snatch 1-1-1-1-1
  2. Snatch pull from deficit (5×2, 90% 1RM snatch)
  3. Grace
  4. 3x rear delt flies (12 reps), plyo push ups (8 reps), box jumps (4 reps)

Daily WOD – Nov 23, 2018

Vicki ripping through wallballs!

Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1


Alternating Tabata (8 min total):

  • Goblet squats (53/35#)
  • Russian twists (25/15#)

WOD Notes:  Get ready to put those carbs to work and lock in some gains! The back squat today is a training max.  DO NOT FAIL!  Work your way up to a heavy weight that looks good and then hammer out some assistance work.

Schedule Notes: The 9:30 class is already full and the 8:30 is close.  As such, our late cancel policy is in effect (i.e. there will be a $10 fee for anyone who is signed up but doesn’t show up or cancels after 7:30 am).  There is still plenty of room in the 4:00 and 5:00 pm for anyone with the flexibility.  As a reminder, we have 4 classes only tomorrow: 8:30am, 9:30am, 4:00pm, 5:00pm.

Website Notes:  We’ve had some challenges with the website recently, where a number of people can’t see our posts. We made some updates yesterday which we hope will solve the problems! Please let us know if you continue to have trouble seeing the posts when they go live. Also, if you were previously signed up to be emailed the blog, you will need to re sign up. There is a subscription link at the very bottom of the right hand column. We hope to have this feature up and running soon. Thank you for your patience!

Daily WOD – Nov 22, 2018

“The Firebird”

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

  • 800m run
  • 5 muscle ups
  • 10 hang power cleans (155/105#)
  • 20 wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • 30 double unders

WOD Notes:  This is our “House WOD” which we perform every year on Thanksgiving. The sub for muscle ups is 2x pull ups plus 2x push ups. Compare to 111126, 121111131128, 141127 151126161124, and 171123.  If you’re not up for an hour-long monster WOD, consider “The Firebird Express,” listed below.

Schedule Notes: The gym will open at 7:00 and we’ll set off informal “heats” at ~ 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, and 9:00, but you are welcome to start on your own at any time. There will be no coach-led warm up, so please show up early to warm up/mobilize. Please ensure you can be out the door by 10:00am.

“The Firebird Express”

5 rounds for time of:

  • 400m run
  • 10 pull ups
  • 10 hang power cleans (115/75#)
  • 10 wall balls (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • 20 double unders

Daily WOD – Nov 20, 2018

Julie working through some pull ups!

Bench Press 2-2-2-2-2


  • DB or KB bench press 4×8
  • Max consecutive strict HSPU (4 attempts)
  • DB lateral shoulder raises 3×10 (light)

WOD Notes:  Compare to 181126.

Schedule Notes: We have a modified schedule this Thursday and Friday. Thursday we will be open from 7:00-10:00am for our ICA House WOD, The Firebird. (You are also welcome to use this time to row towards your Row-vember totals.) On Friday we have 4 classes, at 8:30, 9:30, 4:00 and 5:00. Wellness Living has been updated to reflect these changes.

United Mettle Notes: United Mettle (who runs our in-house Pro Shop) has some promos for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  On Black Friday, speed ropes will be on sale for $9.99! Check out using the iPad at the gym; no promo code needed. On Cyber Monday, select apparel (Lifting Culture, MB Sticks, United Mettle) will be 50% off using code UM2018. You can make your purchase at the box or online.

Daily WOD – Nov 19, 2018

Nik working some jumps!

Complete for time:

  • 400m run
  • 20 back squats (115/75#)
  • 30 toes to bar
  • 20 back squats (115/75#)
  • 30 toes to bar
  • 20 back squats (115/75#)
  • 400m run

Community Notes: Missy’s dad runs a farm in Atglen, PA, and he has several extra turkeys this Thanksgiving. They are organic, free range, and live a great life of running around outside on a 33 acre farm each day. He has turkeys of varying sizes available for $4/lb. Anyone interested should contact Missy ASAP – orders are due by Monday evening for a Wednesday pickup in Phoenixville. Email mmblack012@gmail.com or text 484.347.1494 with your name and desired turkey weight.

Football WOD – Nov 18, 2018

2018 Battle on Bridge St!

Complete 3 rounds for time of:

  • 10 DB thrusters (50/35#)
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 DB snatch (50/35#)
  • 25 double unders

WOD Notes: DB thrusters are two-armed, DB snatch are one-armed.

Community Notes: Thank you to everyone who participated in the Battle on Bridge Street! Huge shout out to the volunteers for your support; the event truly could not have happened without you! The day was a ton of fun and was a true testament to our ICA community. Last but not least, huge congratulations to Dave for putting on one heck of a competition! Very well done!

Battle on Bridge – Nov 17, 2018

We are closed today for ICA’s inaugural Battle on Bridge Street competition! Spectators are welcome. Our primary parking lot will be closed, but you can park along Jefferson Street, across Bridge (at the apartments), or in the parking lot on the other side of our building. There will be food and apparel vendors and lots of action to keep you entertained. Registration starts at 7:00am, competition at 9:00am, awards around 3:00pm followed by an after party at Root Down. Guaranteed to be a ton of fun for competitors, volunteers, and spectators alike!

For those of you not competing, try this at-home WOD:

10 rounds of:

  • 5 burpees (advanced: 10 burpees)
  • 10 reverse lunges (5R/5L)
  • 15 sit ups

Daily WOD – Nov 16, 2018

Pete P. working on some lunges!

Deadlift 3×8 (70% 1RM)



  • Russian KBS (single arm, heavy)
  • Bent over rows

50 Oblique crunches each side

Community Notes:  For those of you getting family pictures taken by Smith this Sunday, the location will be The Foundry (2 N Main St, Phoenixville).  You can park on the street or any of the nearby municipal lots.  The sign up sheet will be available on the desk until Friday evening.  After that, contact Smith directly (717 449 0712) if you still wish to sign up.

Open Gym – Nov 15, 2018

Welcome Ryan B!

Due to road conditions, the gym is closed this evening.  Stay safe, stay warm and remember when you see someone stuck, as a deadlifter you are obligated to push them out!

Come in between 4:30 and 7:00 for Open Gym.  You can work on anything you like including a workout from the last week:

  1. Complete 5 rounds for time of 20 box jumps, 30 butterfly abmat sit ups, 40m walking lunges
  2. Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 then 50 consecutive wreckbag front squats
  3. Complete 21-15-9 reps for time of: DB snatches (70/53#), pull ups, burpees
  4. With a partner complete 3 rounds for time of: 50 burpees, 50 RKBS (70/53#), 50 push presses (95/65#), 50 box jump overs (24/20″)
  5. Back squat 3-3-3-3-3 then 3 rounds NFT of 10R/10L Bulgarian split squats, 3 weighted box jumps, 25 banded good mornings.
  6. “Cindy” – AMRAP in 20 minutes of: 5 pull ups, 10 push ups and 15 squats

Schedule Notes: Coach Kehl will be running CFE at 5:30 am.  Check the comments tonight to see what he has in store.

Yoga Notes:  Join Amy tonight for a FREE yoga session tonight!  Tonight will be a more restorative (slower, hold positions longer) style of yoga than you’ve seen previously at ICA.  This would be an awesome tune up for anyone in the competition this weekend!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Alex D!

Daily WOD – Nov 13, 2018

Hallowed ground Sillup!

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3


3 Rounds NFT:

  • 10R/10L bulgarian split squats
  • 3 weighted squat box jumps
  • 25 banded good mornings

Notes:  Welcome to the start of our annual power lifting cycle!  We are going to be prepping for an in house power meet (Jan 19th, mark your calendars) where you get to set a great strength benchmark for the start of the year.  Leading up to the meet, you’ll notice that the strength days tend to focus more on back squat, bench press and deadlift.  Over the next 10 weeks we’ll be performing close to a dozen training maxes (today included) where the intent is to increase in load to a heavy weight over multiple sets.  For the next 10 weeks, failing a heavy rep will come with a 30 burpee penalty!!! Ok, not really but that should be the idea, not one failed rep in the next 10 weeks.  There will be more accessory work than you are used to and if you can’t fit it all in in the hour, that is ok.  Prioritize good movements and get done what you can.  Quality of work is more important than quantity but if you can work efficiently, now is the chance to get quantity as well!

Daily WOD – Nov 12, 2018

Danielle at the bottom of a thruster!

With a partner, complete 3 rounds for time of:

  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Russian KB swings (70/53#)
  • 50 Push presses (95/65#)
  • 50 Box jump overs (24/20″)

WOD Notes: For this workout, you must complete the reps in order and only one partner will be working at a time.  Go fast!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Allison!

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