Daily WOD – May 19, 2023

Luisa working single-leg squats!

Workout of the Day

Bench press 3-3-3-3-3-3

Then complete 4 rounds NFT of:

  • 10R/10L single-arm DB bench presses
  • 10R/10L single-arm DB bent-over rows
  • 10 two-arm DB curls (single DB)

WOD Notes: Start around 60-65% of your 1RM and work up to a heavy set of 3 at 85-90% of your 1RM. Try to hit your old 3 rep max on set 5 so you can beat it on set 6!

Event Notes: “Murph” heats are live in Push Press – go reserve your spot! The time you sign up for is your heat START time – you’ll want to show up about 20 minutes early to get warmed up. This is a FREE workout for all ICA members. For those new to CrossFit, “Murph” is a hero workout that many CrossFit gyms perform on Memorial Day in honor of our fallen troops. Link back to last year’s blog post to see the workout and scaling options: https://iron-cross-athletics.com/daily-wod/daily-wod-may-30-2022/  Link to the 2021 post to read the history of the workout: https://iron-cross-athletics.com/daily-wod/daily-wod-may-31-2021/  


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