About ICA

Not all CrossFit gyms are created equal.

John and Nikki, ICA Owners and Head Coaches

Did you know that each CrossFit affiliate (a.k.a. “box”) is independently owned and operated? Any “box” can offer you a tough workout and a good sweat, but there is A LOT of variety in how they are run, and ultimately in their safety and effectiveness.  It’s important to do your homework before joining a CrossFit box; here are some questions to consider when making your decision:

  • What is the atmosphere like? Is it somewhere you’d want to spend several hours each week?
  • How much experience do the coaches have? Have they pursued certifications both within and outside of CrossFit?
  • How do the coaches ensure safety?
    • Is there a coach-led warm up, or are athletes expected to warm up on their own?
    • Does the coach have good command and control of the class, or does it seem chaotic?
    • Do the coaches actively instruct clients during class, or do they watch from afar? (Coaches should continuously be observing the clients and providing corrections and instruction.)
    • What changes were made in response to COVID-19 to minimize transmission of the virus?

Why choose ICA?

Because we have a proven track record of quality instruction, safety, and results! Our Coaches get to know each and every member, including their background, goals, strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to personalize each member’s workout to maximize their safety and results. We limit class sizes, so every member gets the attention they deserve. We have a strong focus on mobility, mechanics and technique. 

In response to COVID-19, we redesigned our facility to provide individual work out stations for each athlete. We also reduced our class sizes and implemented strict cleaning protocol. Last but not least, we began offering an “at-home” version of every Daily WOD. The at-home WODs are released via our workout tracking app and include a warm up, workout, cool down, and video explanation. The at-home WODs allow members to supplement their in-gym membership with additional workouts each week, from the safety and comfort of home. The only equipment needed is a dumbbell or kettlebell and a jump rope! 

Our motto, “FIT FOR LIFE,” conveys three distinct messages about our philosophy and approach to fitness:

  1. We believe in a long-term approach to fitness. Our goal for you is to be happy and fit not only now, but decades from now. We will help you train smart, avoid injury, continuously learn and improve, and turn fitness into a lifestyle.
  2. We believe fitness improves quality of life. The true reward for working hard in the gym is increased happiness and enjoyment in all realms of your life – both inside and outside the gym.
  3. We want to be your go-to gym for years to come. We strive to provide every member with exceptional service, and we take pride in the number of long-term members we have at ICA, some of which have been with us since we opened our doors in 2011!

ICA is more than a workout; it’s a community. From the moment you step through our doors we promise to teach you, motivate you, challenge you, support you, and make sure you get results! (Read some of our athletes’ testimonials HERE.)

What does a daily workout look like at ICA?

There is no such thing as a “typical” CrossFit workout!

The daily workout is called the WOD – short for “Workout of the Day.” Every one who attends ICA on a given day will perform the same WOD, carefully designed by the ICA coaches. (To see a list of recent WODs, visit our Blog.) Our WODs may include elements of weight lifting, gymnastics, and/or cardio exercises. We mix these elements in new and creative ways each day to ensure your body is always learning and adapting to new challenges.

Even though the workouts are constantly varied, the class structure is always the same. We start with a dynamic group warm-up, then provide instruction on the movements in the WOD.  The heart of the workout may last anywhere from 5-45 minutes, but is typically 10-20 minutes long. When you work out at high intensity, this is MORE than enough to get you results! Class ends with a group cool down, and you will be on your way in under an hour.

Why “Iron Cross Athletics?”

The Iron Cross was a military decoration established in 1813 by the King of Prussia. The Iron Cross was unique because its awarding process was blind to Prussia’s then very class-conscious society. This lack of regard for social rank set the Iron Cross apart from other awards being issued at the time. The Iron Cross later became the primary medal awarded to German armed forces for bravery, courage, and valor. As such, the Iron Cross represents the same principal values as other cross medals such as the United States Distinguished Flying Cross, Navy Cross, or Army Distinguished Service Cross. In today’s culture, the Iron Cross has been adopted as a symbol of bravery, individualism, courage, and non-conformity.

Our Facility

In December 2016, ICA moved to our current location at 1041 W. Bridge St, Phoenixville, PA. (See our Contact Us page for more details.) In June 2020, in response to COVID-19, we redesigned our facility to provide individual work out stations for each athlete. Each station has its own squat rack, pull up bar, and rower to minimize sharing of equipment and keep you safe. We also reduced our class sizes and implemented strict cleaning protocol. In September 2022, we expanded our facility and now offer 2 fully equipped training rooms! We also have an athlete lounge, a personal training room, 2 bathrooms, a shower, and off street parking. We are proud of our facility and the quality we provide! Come see for yourself!