Make Up Day – Sept 1, 2011

Joe’s 215lb bench press
Eric – Full ROM K2E

Join us between 5pm and 7pm to make up a workout you missed this week! Your choices are:

  1. Bench Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 then 3 rounds for time of 20 floor press (50% 1RM bench press) and 20 floor wipers
  2. 5 rounds for time of 7 bar-facing burpees & 14 overhead squats (95/65#)
  3. 3 x 800m sprint and 1 x 400m sled drag (35% of your 1RM deadlift on the sled) – treat as four 8 minute rounds, use remainder of 8 minutes to rest
  4. Snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 then complete 2 snatches on the minute for 8 minutes using 65% of your 1RM
  5. 400m farmers carry (53/35#) then in remainder of 20 minutes complete AMRAP of 5 front squats (125/85#) and 7 toes to bar
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  1. Results from today:
    Eric – Farmer’s Carry WOD = 8+7 (K2E)
    Kev – Farmer’s carry WOD = 11 (Rx)
    Joe – Bench press = 215 1RM
    Joe – 3 rds 20 floor press (105#), 20 DU = 6:03
    Sandy – Snatch 1RM = 60# (but I know she can get the 65!!)

  2. Hey Nikki,
    If I can’t get a partner for Saturday will there be someone there to partner up with. Just wanted to check in case I can’t find someone to come.

  3. Definitely come – hopefully we’ll have an even number of people and we’ll make teams on the spot. but even if there’s an odd number we’ll make a team of three!

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