Pull-Up Program – Starts January 8th!


Everyone who has been in the gym knows the top of the pull-up bar is hallowed ground. The view achieved here is something that has sparked countless hours in gyms and on tree branches the world over. It is seen by few and coveted by all. With 2024 upon us, Coach Celeste (who has done a pull-up or two in her day) has created a 12-week program to help you on your pull-up journey!

What is it? A 12-week pull-up program that breaks down as follows:

  • 4 weeks of upper body pulling strength accessory work, 3 days per week (January 8 – February 2)
  • FREE 30-minute pull-up clinic on Saturday, February 3 at 10:30 am – teaches the tools to successfully attack the next 8 weeks.
  • 8 weeks of pull-up progression work, 3 days per week (February 5 – March 29)

How much time will this take? Most of the work can be done in ~20 minutes before or after class. Please plan to do this work during open gym hours and be respectful of ongoing classes and/or personal training sessions.

Where can I see the programming? The whole program will be accessible in SugarWOD, listed under the Daily WOD on M/W/F.

When does all this muscle cultivation begin? January 8th!

How much does it cost? No monetary cost. Just 12 weeks of hard work!

Should I do it? Depends, see below:

  • Are you awesome at strict pull-ups but want to be more awesome? Then heck yeah!
  • Are you working toward your first strict pull-up and could use a structured plan and some camaraderie? Absolutely!
  • Do you simply want bigger bis and lats? Do it!
  • Are you concerned about getting too many gains? Then… no, probably not.



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