March Schedule and Announcements!


Mark your calendars for these important dates in March!

  • March 35th Element of Fitness workshop
  • March 6First Open WOD is announced, 8pm. (If you haven’t signed up for the Open yet, do so HERE!)
  • March 7 – Stretching & Mobility with Coach Mark
  • March 17St Patty’s Day! Come celebrate St Patty’s Day with a rare Sunday workout! Join us at 12:00pm for “Pizza Helen!”  For those who don’t know what that is, check out this video. You can sub out pizza for another food or beverage of your choice. (For instance, Green Milk Helen? Or worse yet – Green Beer Helen?) Please sign up for this class in advance so we know how much pizza to order.
  • March 21 – Stretching & Mobility with Coach Mark
  • April 13Fight for Food at CrossFit West Chester. Profits benefit the Lord’s Pantry in Downingtown, and spectators are asked to bring non-perishable food items. There are divisions for Rx and Scaled. The day will include 3 workouts with a 4th for the top 10 men and women from the Rx division. The cost is $50 and includes a t-shirt. For more information or sign up go HERE.

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  1. John

    I’m just going to assume that the pizza helen race will be between Kehl and Chamberlain

  2. Nikki

    I’m giving Craig a vote too!

  3. Lindsey

    Oh man…. I saw that video and was horrified!! I am in 🙂

  4. T

    PIZZA HELEN!!! I’ve got $50 that says Craig does Green Beer Helen and John too as long as the beer is PBR (eww!) I’ll be there to spectate as the Helen WOD the regular way will cause a pukie for me, and that’s just to much for a Sunday! I will also participate in the West Chester event if others are going/participating.

    1. Lindsey

      I am down for the WC event!!

    2. Jackie

      I’d like to go over to WC, too : )

    3. Jenn

      Did you sign up for the RX or scaled level?

  5. Kehl

    Man! One thing I learned is that Craig can swallow liquid no problem.

    Sooo…after drinking all day Saturday (March 16), I’m gonna crush it by doing “pizza, beer, helen”.

    1. Craig

      I’m in for beer and pizza every round. I’m bringing a beer funnel!!

    2. Fili

      I really wish I was in town for this one. I wonder if I could make it through beer/pizza Helen at a Planet Fitness before they asked me to leave.

  6. Kim D

    I’m having problems signing up for Pizza Helen! So is Lindsey. Nikki or John, can you put us down for this fun event? Beer and pizza go together, so I say the boys do both..

  7. Nikki

    Kim I signed you both up and I think I also fixed the problem that was keeping you from registering. If anyone else has trouble, please let me konw!

  8. Kim D

    Thanks Nikki! Also, I’m having problems signing up for the Open.. does it ask you to join a team at the start or finish of the registration? Thanks!

  9. Phil

    wow. is there a sweet potato/coconut water scaled version?

    1. T


    2. Jenn

      Yes, any other alternatives besides these, pizza, beer, and milk? Having not eaten or drank any for a year not sure how I will survive…

  10. Kehl

    Let’s reread, shall we…

    March 17 – St Patty’s Day! Come celebrate St Patty’s Day with a rare Sunday workout! Join us at 12:00pm for “Pizza Helen!” For those who don’t know what that is, check out this video. You can sub out pizza for another food or beverage of your choice. (For instance, Green Milk Helen? Or worse yet – Green Beer Helen?) Please sign up for this class in advance so we know how much pizza to order.

    The key phrase is “or beverage of your choice.”

    I know Sabol is gonna down a couple of bananas after each right. Right Sabol?!

    Depending on how Saturday, March 16th goes…Rachael and I are in! If we never sober up, then there wouldn’t have to do this hungover.

  11. Lindsey

    The Pizza and beer are what makes it fun!! Without it-what is the point of doing Helen where you are going to toss your cookies???

    1. Kehl

      Can we do cookies instead of beer or pizza?

      Hey Kev, how many sleeves are there in an Oreo pack? 3? Coincidence…? I think not!
      …or Blizzards!

      Get it!

  12. Kim D

    I hope someone knows CPR..

  13. Nikki

    Jenn I’m sure you can make a paleo pizza for yourself if you want to join in the fun!

    1. Jenn

      That was what I was thinking of doing since I would probably be very pukie with the milk!! And well, most likely with the beer too, but that would be very amusing since I’m a lightweight!!!!

  14. Sabol

    Man Kehl, that was going to be my sub, protein shakes and bananas. On the other hand, it would be the perfect opportunity (maybe not) for me and Kev to sub pizza for our Blizzard contest.

    1. Lindsey

      I like the blizzard contest

  15. Garrett

    Lmao! Just read all of this banter!! I am definitely in for pizza bear Helen. This will be some scene. I highly recommend bringing your HD GO Pro if you have one to capture this on video. Someone remind me,I have one.

  16. Garrett

    Not sure how you sign up but count me in!

  17. Killa

    Nikki & John: I think we need to hire someone to monitor and sensor the ICA blog ASAP

  18. levy

    Im in for pizza and a beer

  19. Mar

    Is it bad that I’m more confident that I can slay Pizza/beer Helen vs. any other WOD I’ve done at ICA? I’ll need three thick bands for the pull-ups…regardless, I excell at quick consumption of pizza and/or beer.

  20. Sarge

    pizza helen sounds awful. i’m happy to come coach/help out 🙂

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