Daily WOD – Sept 28, 2011

Laurie's first Fran!

21-15-9 of

  • Thrusters (95/65#)
  • Pull-ups

WOD Notes: F-ing Fran

(Yes it’s a benchmark WOD. It’s THE benchmark WOD. Get jacked up!)


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  1. John

    There is no feeling like round 3…

  2. Karen


    OMG I am excite!

  3. Eric

    Can’t believe I’m going to miss this

  4. Nikki

    Power was out this morning so there was no 6:15 class. We’ll run at least the 5:00 tonight, and the 6:00 will depend if we get power back! Sorry for any inconvenience. I owe you morning folks a free class!

  5. Nikki

    The Make-up day for today’s missed 6:15am class will be Monday October 10th at 6:15am. (Not next Monday, but the Monday after.) I’ll be sure to remind everyone as the day gets closer! If you’d like to attend the class please remember to sign up using MindBody

  6. Cragle

    Power’s out at O’Neill’s garage too. Can’t do Fran. Really disappointed.

  7. Kevin

    Fran even scares electricity.

  8. Deirdre

    Spotts- 6:57 Rx
    Spence- 7:21 Rx
    Deirdre-7:15 Rx

    My first Rx Fran. Nice little day at the garage.

  9. John


    John 2:25 Rx (Pr)
    Kevin 4:39 Rx (2 minute Pr!)
    Karen 8:26 (55, Banded) (Pr)
    Laurie 6:55 (35, Banded)
    Dan 13:39 (Rx)

    Awesome night tonight with some big pr’s! Nice work over at Oneill’s Garage too, got to love Fran.

  10. Joe

    Is John’s time for the set of 21 or 15?

    I’ll be in tomorrow to tackle this one.

    Nice work John

  11. John

    Ha, it was just the 9 round Joe. I can’t wait to see some people do this tomorrow night.

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