Daily WOD – Nov 28, 2018

Ed knocking out Grace!  Photobomb credit to Frank W.

Banded Deadlift 6×3 (50% 1RM deadlift)


Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Then 3x15R/15L single leg KB deadlifts

WOD Notes:  Compare power clean to 170818.

From Smith:  Just wanted to send a massive thank you to everyone who came out and  participated in our family photo sessions this year!  Together we raised $770 for Phoenixville Area Community Services (PACS)!  I had a blast getting to meet all of the families and seeing the ICA family in “real cothes”!  Looking forward to doing it again in 2019!

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  1. Awesome pics!!!

  2. 6:00
    Pete 165 (deads)
    Ben 155
    Andrew 195 (squat clean)
    Blake 225 PR!
    DT 170
    Bob 185
    Smith 255 PR!
    Erin 135
    Lombardi 🙂
    Katie M 🙂

    Keith 120
    Sydney Form
    Erik 165
    Elissa 150
    Ray 🙂
    Dan Form

  3. 5:00

    Nikki K. 105
    Tina 100
    Dani Form
    Tanya 175
    Alexa 140
    Kenny 125
    Kyle K. 205 20# PR!
    Morgan 125 20# PR!
    Steve K. 170
    Wysow 235 PR!
    Lindsay 85 Form
    Tim Form
    Joe 195
    Chase 215
    Daria Form

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