Daily WOD – Dec 17, 2019

Mullaney knocking out some KBS!

Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1-1


3×3 clean pulls (70% 1RM)

3×3 high hang power cleans (70% 1RM)

WOD Notes:  Compare power clean to 181128.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Gym opens at 4:45!

  2. 6:15
    Mike D. 185
    Hannah R. 80 PR!
    BWat 125
    Tam 75 PR!
    Pete P. 165
    KTL 115
    Faith 100
    PTM 205
    Frank N. 145
    John 275
    DE 235
    Wysow 235

  3. 135

  4. 6PM
    Ryan 185
    Erik 165
    Nik 165
    Tiana 205
    Todd W 🙂
    Rob G 225
    Dan R 145
    Tracy 65

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