Daily WOD – Aug 19, 2015


21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • cleans (135/95#)
  • ring dips
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  1. Just wanted to give a special thanks to the ICA community, especially John and Niki, for welcoming me with open arms to the wonderful world of crossfit. I don’t think I could have imagined a better place to get started! I have been traveling for work the last few months, but have finally settled into a new permanent location in Huntsville, Alabama. After months out of the gym, I have found a new gym down here to call home, so if any of you ever travel down this way, stop on in!

    1. Best of luck in Alabama!

    2. So nice to read that, Kyle. Thank you for sharing. Best of luck in ‘Bama.

    3. We miss you Kyle! Been tracking your travels on FB. Glad you and Vanessa and the boys are all back together again! So glad you found a new CF gym down there; get Vanessa in too! 🙂 Hope you make it back up this way for a visit some time.

    4. You suck.

      But glad to hear you’ve landed.

    5. Best of luck to you Kyle! Good to hear you found a place to settle.

  2. Best of Luck Kyle!

  3. I’m re-posting this in case anyone didn’t read yesterday’s blog.

    Are you a recent grad? Do you know a recent grad? Are you a parent with a recent grad who you want to get a job so they can get their own health benefits, out of your house and turn their room into the spa room you’ve desired for years? If you said yes to any of those or are looking to make a career change my company is hiring.
    Hi, I’m Rick Kaniewski. You may remember me from such workouts as the 4 O’clock today. My company, The Judge Group is looking to hire 2-3 new recruiters to join our office in West Conshohocken.

    What is recruiting? I don’t really know, I’m on the sales side of the house. But from what I hear it is an opportunity to work on my job orders and place technical people in any number of jobs at any number of clients in the area.

    List of Benefits to working at Judge
    1. Money
    2. A job and health benefits (it’s time to breakaway from the parents, I’m sure they agree)
    3. You get to work with me, really that could be a pro or con depending on what you think of me.
    4. Great environment with lots of young, energetic people. I stick out like a sore thumb.
    5. Incentive trips – 2xs a year to somewhere warm, Mexico, Dominican Republic, we even did Hawaii last year (wouldn’t hold my breath for that one again)
    6. Base plus commission – you can give yourself a raise everyday
    7. Happy hours
    If you are interested or have friend who might be interested in learning more grab me if you see me at one of the classes or for faster results email me at rkaniewski@judge.com. Check out our website, http://www.judge.com for more info.

    1. This is now my new favorite ICA post. Sorry Kehl.

  4. Best of luck to you and your family Kyle

  5. 6:15
    Murray 6:59 (PC, MM)
    Adam Smith 18:44 (105,MF)
    Patrick M 17:35 (DC RD)
    Julie M 13:30 (55, PU)
    Jenn 14:53 (Rx PR!)
    Faith 14:22 (40H, 24″ PU)
    Julie T 14:06 (MF)
    Mohyeed 12:35 (P)

    Quinn 12:53 (75, MF)
    Chloe 9:21 (85P, MM)
    Jess V 14:25 (65, MF)
    Devlin 18:09 (95, P DC RD)
    MB =)
    Ron 19:09 (MF)
    Matt 18:23 (115)
    Kelly 17:44 (65, MM)

  6. Results:
    Duris 13:47 (115, MF)
    Kehl 13:21 Rx MU to RD
    Meghan 13:27 (45H, MM)
    Danielle 14:01 (65, 12-9-6 RD)
    Peggy 13:55 (55, MF)
    Janna 13:53 (65, MF)
    Tom S. 11:31 (115, P)
    Paul 14:22 (105)
    Mike C. 11:48 Rx
    Bryan 13:30 (135 P)
    Vollmer 13:04 (115, 26#)
    Pugh 10:40 (135P, MU to RD)

  7. 6:00
    Daniel 16:12 (75, P: 15-12-9)
    Dave 8:39 Rx
    Erin 11:49 (mf)
    Sarah L. 9:48 (75, mm)
    Sofia 11:32 (35, banded PU: 9-6-3)
    Alexa 11:40 (55, P: 15-12-9)
    Rick ouchie

    Laurie 13:35 (75, mm)
    Allen K. 18:30 (105, 15-12-9)
    Dan S. 14:52 (95, 15-12-9)
    Dawn 19:29 (35, Banded PU: 15-12-9)
    Zoo 🙂 Rx

  8. 5:00

    Tav 8:35 (PC, PU)
    Joe W. 15:23 Rx
    Steve 15:01 (mm)
    Tim 14:22 (85, mm)
    Jeff 8:44 (185 deads, ring rows)
    PJ 14:05 (115, mm)
    Kenny 17:48 (PCFS, ring rows, 15-9-6)
    Fili 11:57 (PC, 14-10-6 on ring dips)
    Sabol 9:15 Rx
    Sarah W. 12:50 (75, mf)
    Angie 12:33 (45, mm PU)
    Tina 14:06 (75, mm)

  9. Big shout out to the incredibly strong ICA ladies: Jenn, Julie T. and Erin for going Rx on the weight. Especially to Jenn for her Rx PR! Awesome!

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