Daily WOD – Aug 10, 2011

Today's funny face award (FFA)!
An ALMOST perfect Annie - 1 trip!

“Annie” (a benchmark lady)

50-40-30-20-10 of:
  • Double Unders
  • Sit ups


Skill – Rope Climbs

WOD Notes: This is designed to be a short metcon – meaning ideally it should be sub-10 minutes. However, we will not be imposing a time cap today. Double unders can be scaled to 2x single unders or double under attempts. Sit ups can be anchored or unanchored.

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  1. Sooo excited for our date with Annie!!

    1. Me too…that’s my daughter’s name. She’s as tough as this sounds.

  2. annie is one of my favs now that i have DUs!! bring it!

    also, i could use help on rope climbs. big time. i’ll bring my tall socks!

  3. Oh, good point Karen! For anyone who has never climbed a rope, here’s some advice… Bring pants or long socks! (like soccer socks.) it will save you from a leg full of rope burn!

  4. Thanks Nikki and Jon for having me! I LOVE to deadlift!!! I WILL be back in the upcoming weeks 🙂

  5. It’s Charles. I was thinking about doing a dropin today. I hope that this is enough notice. See you later.

  6. Awesome job today everyone! I can’t believe how great everyone’s double unders were. Especially Joe – what what??? First day learning double unders and he Rx-ed Annie. Super cool.

    Nikki 6:14 (anchored, Rx)
    Kevin 10:04 (Rx)
    Karen 12:02 (Rx)
    Dan 16:57 (Row)
    Joe 11:24 (anchored, Rx)
    John 6:55 (Rx)
    Killa 8:11 (anchored, Rx)
    Charles 9:09 (anchored, Rx)

  7. Great job today guys! I’m doing this one tomorrow! Karen – I think I like Sarge, lol

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