Daily WOD – April 10, 2012

Eric nails it!

Snatch Balance 1-1-1-1-1


Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

WOD Notes: Compare snatch bal to 111101 and snatch to 111206.

Community Notes: Happy birthday John!

There’s absolutely no doubt that you’re the rock that ICA was built on! From the grueling, dirty hours you spent building out our space…

To the amazing coaching you do and your relentless dedication to our members…

To the contagious intensity you tackle every workout with… and the way you push everyone to new limits…

ICA could not exist without you! Thanks for being an amazing coach, athlete, co-owner, and of course fiance! I love you!


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  1. Nicole

    Awwwwwwwww that’s awesome!!! Happy birthday John!

  2. Kevin

    Happy Birthday, John! Snatches and birthday burpees all around!

  3. Lindsey

    That was so sweet! Happy Birthday John! You truely are an amazing coach and athlete! Your energy is always contagious-especially when it involves any heavy lifting! Thanks for all you do! Hope you enjoy your day!

  4. MJ

    Awwwwww! So stinking cute! Happy Birthday John! You are an amazing athlete and wonderful friend! Thanks for being so awesome!

  5. Craig

    Omg I love you john

  6. Spotts

    Dear John,
    We got you one of the ab shirts that the guy in the Planet Fitness Gym commercial wears to attract the ladies; you know the one where he pulls on the strings to reveal his 6-pack. It unfortunately got lost in the mail. So to make it up to you for your birthday, Brian volunteered to go on another camping trip (death hike) with you whenever you want. But to be serious, we would like to wish you a happy birthday. You’ve introduced us to crossfit and pretty much to each other for which we will always be grateful. Your enthusiasm, integrity, and constant encouragement will continually motivate us. Love you! Spotts and Spence

  7. Mike Sabol

    Happy Birthday there John! I know I am repeating what others have said, but you are an amazing coach and athlete! I enjoy the intensity you bring every class!

  8. Killa

    Happy Birthday John!!! Thanks for all you do for ICA and always bringing a smile to the gym!

  9. Phil

    Happy birthday coach John!
    Thanks for instilling in me my two most feared phrases in crossfit:
    “Get back on that bar!” and “hands off those knees!”
    Seriously though thanks for all the encouragement, advice and coaching!

    We’ll celebrate with some burpees tomorrow.

  10. Tiana

    Happy Birthday John!!! Your awesome way of coaching makes me feel like I can do anything in cross fit. Thanks for all of the encouragement and all that you do enjoy your day 🙂

  11. Christopher Chamberlain

    Happy Birthday John!!!
    It didn’t take long at ICA to realize how awesome
    a person and coach you are. Thanks for helping to
    make your box our home away from home.

  12. Mark

    Happy Birthday John!

    Thanks for all that you do in the gym and giving me an ounce of thought that I have the possiblity of beating you in a WOD…but, you’re a beast! Also, thanks for laughing at my jokes, even when they aren’t funny. Cheers!

    …haha, Craig, your response was awesome.

  13. The Buzz

    Happy Birthday John! You are a beast!

  14. sarglarg

    Happy Birthday John!

    Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious! Thanks for pushing all of us to accomplish things we never imagined we could.

    See you tonight for burpees!

  15. Laurie

    Can’t thhk of anything more to say, everyone’s already said it. Damn you all! Happy Birthday, John. And thanks for making my friend Nikki so happy!

  16. Emily Croce

    Happy Birthday John! You are an amazing coach and always motivate me to keep trying for better – things I wouldn’t have accomplished without your enthusiastic encouragement. I hear your words “GET MAD” ever time I go to try for something I don’t think I can do. Helps every time – Thanks! Hope you enjoy your birthday 🙂

  17. Cragle

    I like Phil’s comments about get back on bar and hands off knees. In a strange way, I miss hearing those phrases on a daily basis. Happy Birthday, bud! Gotta get cheesesteaks and milkshakes soon.

  18. Nick

    Happy Birthday John! There’s no better feeling of dread then when I walk into the box to see you with that WOD grin on your face to know that I will be working hard. Plus Phil’s right, there are lots of new phrases you’ve taught us all.

    1. Lindsey

      Haha Nick! I immediatly get anxiety if I come in and John is coaching…. in a good way though because I know the warm up will quite possibly worse than the WOD! : )

  19. Joe

    Happy Birthday John! Clearly from the comments you’ve impacted the lives of lot of new people in a short amount of time, me included. Having the ability to do that seems like a pretty nice birthday present. Enjoy the day.

  20. melindak1

    Happy Birthday, John! Crossfit is not the same out here without you! I wish Chris and I were home to take you out for wings and beer and then do math problems afterwards 🙂

    Hope your day consists of a Snatch PR!

    1. shannon puckett

      melinda meris?

  21. Nikki

    Tonight’s results:
    Name SB, Snatch
    Craig 155 165
    Jimbo 105, 105
    Tanner 155, 175
    Nikki 103, 128 Pr!!!
    Lindsey 45, 55
    Eric 145, 165
    Emily 45, 55 Rom
    Kev 145, 175
    Sara 105, —-
    Miranda 100, 105
    John C 45, 80
    John W 45, 95
    Karen 105, 95
    Nick 95, 80
    Laurie 40, 50
    Frank 105, 120

  22. Mike V.

    Happy Birthday, Mountain Man! Its been a pleasure and an honor to WOD with you these last few years…

    SB – 155
    SS – 165 (PR)

    Thanks for making me work a movement that is a huge, giant, massive, gaping hole in my CrossFit capabilities. At least I didn’t cherry pick away from this one, right Nik?!

  23. Kim

    Happy Birthday John! I hope it’s great! You are an awesome coach and you really inspire me. Your intensity is so much fun to watch. Very nice tribute Nikki!

  24. Scott

    Happy Birthday John! My personal favorite is you can breath later. Thanks for indirectly getting me involved in the CrossFit world, can’t imagine my life without it! Oh yeah, definitely down for cheesesteaks and milkshakes. Sounds magical.
    SB – 105 ROM
    S – 135

  25. Killa

    6:30’s results:
    Chris C. 75, 115
    Scott 135, 115

    Awesome efforts tonight guys, worked hard for great numbers!

  26. John

    Thanks for all the kind words and birthday wishes, I had a phenomenal birthday! Joe you said it well in that the opportunity to get so many people into fitness is one heck of a Bday gift. Keep up the good work all.

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