Make Up Day – Jan 19, 2012

Come in between 5 and 7:30pm to make up any of the last 5 workouts.  This week’s options are:

  1. “Lynne” 5 rounds of max bodyweight bench press and pullups
  2. Complete 200 DU, 100 Situps, 5 rope climbs in any order for time.
  3. 5×2 banded clean pulls, 3-3-3 hang squat clean, 1000 m row
  4. 5 rounds of 10 power clean (135/95#), 10 C2B pullups
  5. Banded back squat 12×2, then 3 rds for time of 25 KB swings (53/35#), 15 box jumps, 5 hspu
With the new schedule change, we will be open until 7:30. However, you must be in the door by 7pm. If the gym is empty at 7 p.m. we will head on home!

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  1. Mark

    Hmmmm…am I man enough to try to beat my Lynn score. Definitely not!

    I’m thinking banded clean pulls or the 200/100/rope climb one.

  2. Kevin

    There is a chance (small) that I will attempt the clean/c2b if I’m feeling up to it by this afternoon.

  3. John

    Tonight’s Results:

    Craig 9:53 (135/pu)
    Mike S 10:04 (115/purple band)
    Denny 9:57 (95/Green+purple)

    Banded clean pull
    Mark 115# black bands

    Banded box squats / metcon
    Laurie 65# mm, 7:30 (26/box)
    Natalie 55# mm, 9:05 (26, 12″, box)
    Stephanie 57#, 7:20 (20, 12″, box)

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