Spring Nutrition Shape Up!

From April 1 – April 30, we’ll be embarking on a 30 day nutrition challenge. It’s a little “spring cleaning” for our diet! The goal is to get rid of any bad habits that crept in over the winter, and establish healthy eating patterns to carry us into the spring and summer feeling and looking our best! Participation is voluntary… but it’s also FREE so there are no excuses!

The rules of participation are simple:

  1. Commit. Add your name to the sign up sheet on the desk to demonstrate your committment to this challenge.
  2. Eat. Real. Food. Your diet should consist of “meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.” (Does that sound familiar? It should!) For 30 days, avoid these immflamatory foods: sweets/desserts, alcohol, breads/pasta, beans, and dairy. If you need help with meal prep, Kettlebell Kitchen delivers nutrition-challenge-friendly meals to ICA 2x/week.
  3. Portion Control. Depending where you are in your clean-eating journey, you may choose to weigh and measure your food (e.g. RP or Macro diet), or you may choose to focus on food quality with less emphasis on quantity. For those who don’t want to weigh and measure, a great way to properly portion your food is to follow this simple guide: eat 3-4 meals a day, with a serving of protein the size of your palm, a serving of dense/starchy carb (sweet potato, oats, quinoa, rice) the size of your fist, and colorful vegetables and fruits to fill the rest of your plate.

For increased accountability, consider getting an InBody scan before and after the challenge. These scans break down your bodyweight into water, fat, and, muscle mass, so you can better quantify your results. Scans are $35 each or $50 for 2 scans that “bookend” a nutrition challenge, like this one.

The challenge starts a week from today, so reach out to us ASAP with any questions. Let’s do this ICA! #ICAstrong #getjackedup

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