Peggy Berman Memorial Pull-up Challenge

Many of our long-time members were fortunate to know Peggy, who was an ICA member from 2012-2016. We have many amazing memories of Peggy, but one stands out above the rest. In 2013, she set a goal of doing 50 strict pull ups in 30 minutes on her 50th birthday. On Saturday, September 21, 2013, she came into Open Gym and knocked out all 50. (As luck would have it, the workout of the day had another 50, which she proceeded to crush as well.)

Peggy passed away tragically last November in a car accident. As we approach her 58th birthday, we’re honoring her life and memory with the introduction of the Peggy Berman Memorial Pull-up Challenge. The goal is to complete 50 strict pull ups in 30 minutes. Anyone 50+ years old who completes the challenge (Rx) will get their name on a plaque that will hang in the gym.

We’re hosting the inaugural challenge on Sunday, September 26, at 11:00am. We hope you can join us! There is no charge for this event, but please register in Wellness Living so we know how many to expect.

If you can’t make it on 9/26, don’t worry! This will be an on-going challenge that you can complete any time. (Video evidence or coach observation will be required to get on the plaque!)


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