OPEN Updates!

ICA’s Mega Teams – Battle of the Generations

We are excited to announce that we have 70 athletes officially registered for the Open!! We are pumped to have such great participation; thanks to everyone who answered the call!

We created 2 mega teams by dividing straight down the middle by age. We have 35 athletes on each team: Millenial & Gen Z (age 41 or younger) versus Boomer & Gen X (age 42 or older).

Week 1 Results

If you completed the workout and posted your score to the Games website, you earned points for your team. 70 points for 1st place (Ricky), 69 for 2nd place (Reese), 68 for 3rd place (Brandon S), and so on. Check out the full ICA leaderboard here. After week 1 the teams are neck and neck:

  • Millenials & Gen Z –>1292 points (1st place)
  • Boomer & Gen X –> 1247 points (2nd place)

Get Ready for Week 2

Week 2 is knocking! The next workout, 23.2, will be announced Thursday at 3:00pm. Tune into the Games website or YouTube channel to watch! We’ll perform 23.2 in all classes on Friday as well as at Friday Night Lights (5pm – ?)

This week’s Headliner Heat will showcase our ICA coaches! John, Ricky, Dave, Nikki, Karen, Kelsey, and Heather will kick off around 6:00pm.

The theme of the week is School Pride. Rep your high school or college, or dress in an outfit that represents your high school years!


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