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Surviving AP World History | A student's resource for AP World HistoryOur blog is getting a make-over!

When we first opened our doors – and for the first 10 years of operation – the nightly blog post was EVERYTHING to our members. Folks would sit around hitting “refresh” until the post went live, eager to find out what the next day’s workout would be. But things have changed, and the blog isn’t getting the traffic it used to. First, we started using SugarWOD to track our daily WODs. Then, we began posting our workouts a week in advance (view them here). The end result is that the nightly blog posts aren’t being read anymore, and all the great info and announcements we share on the blog aren’t making it to your eyes and ears!

Starting August 30, 2023, we’re discontinuing the nightly blog post. Daily WODs will be shared via the SugarWOD app, with important reminders and announcements listed at the top, under the daily photo.

What will happen to the blog?

Announcements that require lengthier descriptions will still get posted to the blog. We’ll include a high-level announcement in SugarWOD and a link back to the pertinent blog post. Also, for anyone who prefers to use the website, there’s now a blue “WOD” button at the bottom of each page that you can click on to view the daily WOD (via a SugarWOD plug-in).

But I don’t use SugarWOD! How can I stay in-the-loop on ICA announcements?

We strongly encourage every member to download the SugarWOD app and use it to track your results! It will help you and our coaching staff to track your progress over time. However, another great resource is our ICA Members Community Facebook page – if you’re on social media but haven’t joined our group page, please do!


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  1. Steve M

    I’ll miss the blog 😭.

    1. Megan V.

      Me too!

  2. Joel

    Me 3!

  3. Kelly

    Thanks for the update!

  4. Stem

    RIP Blog you will be missed

  5. Bob k

    I don’t know what to do with the browser tab I’ve kept open for the past 7 years

  6. Debbie

    I LOVE the blog 🥲

  7. Nikki

    Aww I love all the blog love!! We are still posting a daily photo, WOD, WOD notes, birthdays and other announcements – but now it’s in SugarWOD! It was taking a lot of administrative time to post in 2 separate places, and the blog was largely under utilized. If you want to keep the blog tab open, so it! You can see the daily WOD by clicking the blue WOD button in the bottom right corner. And, we’ll still make blog posts when we have bigger/lengthier announcements to share!

  8. Marissa Watson

    Just came here to say I’ll miss the blog too!!

  9. Kehl

    I will miss you ICA Blog.

    This song is for you!

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