Battle on Bridge – Nov 23, 2019

Good luck to everyone participating in the Battle on Bridge Street II!  Anyone not competing is encouraged to come on out, cheer for some ICAers, and make friends with our guests from other local gyms. Our primary parking lot will be closed, but there is parking on the other side of the building and in the apartments across Bridge St.

All classes are cancelled due to the event, but here is an at-home workout to help you get your CrossFit fix! Post your results to comments! Kids and spouses are encouraged to join in, too!

Complete 5 rounds of:

  • 45 seconds – burpee for max reps
  • 15 seconds – rest
  • 45 seconds – plank hold
  • 15 seconds – rest
  • 45 seconds – squat hold (just below parallel)
  • 15 seconds – rest

Post two numbers – your highest and lowest rounds of burpees!

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  1. Good luck to all who are competing !!

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