Daily WOD – Oct 30, 2019

Jesse St working through some HSPU!

Complete 3 rounds of 90 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest of:

  • Row ( 1 cal = 1 rep)
  • Inverted burpees
  • Wreckbag walking lunges (50/35#)
  • Sit ups

WOD Notes:  What is an inverted burpee?  Check it out here.  If you are not able to get to your feet, going from a mat or holding a wallball will help you to do so more readily.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Mel!

Open Notes:  We need volunteers for this Friday’s headliner heat!  This week it is athletes aged 45-54.  If you are in that age range and are interested in being in the 6:00 pm heat this Friday, please shoot us an email!

Bed Race Notes:  The ICA bed for the bed races is almost set!  What we have so far is a very, VERY brave driver in Morgan, some well trained pushers, and a sweet race bed with a pull up bar.  What we need is some pizzaz.  If anyone is interested in or has the time we could use some help painting and decorating the bed in the coming days.  We’ll have paint at the gym as of the 9:30 am class tomorrow!

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This Post Has 3 Comments

  1. 4PM
    Paul 🙂
    Robbie 🙂 Rx
    Tom 🙂 Rx
    Shawn 🙂
    Jesse 103/93/ 🙂 Rx
    Sillup 🙂 Rx
    Megan 🙂 Rx
    Eric 282ish Rx
    Fili 🙂 Rx
    Marissa 🙂

  2. 6:00
    AnneMarie 19/14/35/45 per round
    Averie 🙂
    Chris W 🙂
    Dan R 🙂
    Ian C 🙂
    Matt B 🙂
    Mike C 🙂
    Morgan 🙂
    Rob R 🙂
    Tamara 🙂
    Traci 🙂
    Erik 🙂
    Lou 🙂
    Boelker 🙂
    Blythe 🙂
    Francis 🙂
    Jimena 🙂
    Rich 🙂
    Sean R 🙂
    Sean B 307 Rx
    Liz 275 Rx

  3. Results:
    Tyler 🙂
    Zach 🙂
    Missy 🙂
    Faith 105/:)/114
    Murray 🙂
    Steve M. 397 Rx
    Bill 🙂
    Kelly G
    Ceil :0
    Swetha :0
    Kelly W. 🙂
    Jen C. 🙂
    JIm C. 🙂
    Tom G. 🙂
    KtS 🙂
    Dan E> :0
    Danielle 🙂 Rx
    Ryan M. 😉
    Ryan B. :0
    KtL :0
    Jesse St :0
    Mullaney 🙂
    Dom 🙂
    Jenn 107/112/113 Rx

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