Daily WOD – Oct 11, 2022

Reese representing ICA!

Workout of the Day

EMOM for 18 minutes:

  • Min 1 = 1 legless rope climb or 2 regular rope climbs
  • Min 2 = 15 burpees
  • Min 3 = 20 box jumps (24/20″)

WOD Notes:  In today’s workout you’ll start a new movement each minute. If rope climbs aren’t your jam, no problem! You can substitute rope pulls, pull ups, or ring rows. The prescribed numbers for burpees and box jumps are for someone fairly proficient with those movements. Pick a number that you can complete in 30-40 seconds when fresh and no more than 50 seconds when tired.

Community Notes:  We’re planning an informal get together & bonfire at our house this Saturday evening. All are welcome! 5pm – 10pm. Stop by for a bit or stay for the duration! We’ll have some snacks; BYO beverages and snacks to share! Reach out to Nik or John if you need our address. Hope to see you there! (Significant others and kids are welcome too!)

Community Notes: Happy birthday Reese!


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