Daily WOD – Oct 12, 2022

Sutton, Bill & Byron elevating the game of catch!

Workout of the Day

Athlete’s Choice:


  • 30 power snatches @ 135/93#

Or “Randy”:

  • 75 power snatches @ 75/53#

WOD Notes: Isabel is a benchmark workout that is designed to be short and devastating! However, being able to go heavy enough to make 30 power snatches challenging requires a great deal of comfort and technical proficiency with the snatch. If you would prefer to stay light, go with the 75 reps of Randy, which is designed to be done at a much lower weight (something you can string in sets of 5, 10 or even 15). If you feel like setting your hair on fire, you’re welcome to try to complete both in the 10 minute cap.

Community Notes:  Happy birthday Aidan Loux!


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