Daily WOD – Nov 9, 2021

ICA hats are for sale ($20) at the gym! We have a somewhat limited supply but if we run out, we’ll order more.

Workout of the Day

Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5 (1-board)

Then EMOM for 8 minutes of:

  • 30 second handstand hold

WOD Notes: A 1-board bench press means you’ll place a piece of 2×4 lumber on your chest which stops the bar just short of full range of motion.  This allows most athletes to work at their “sticking point” in the bench.  For most athletes, it will increase your bench weight by ~5%.  For the handstand hold, feel free to work wall climb holds, A-frame holds or a handstand at a reduced time (15 or 20 seconds).

Community Notes:  In honor of Veteran’s day, we’ll be holding a 90 minute class this Saturday at 11:00 am in addition to the regular schedule.  During this session, we’ll complete the hero workout “Chad” – 1000 step ups for time with a weighted backpack.  If you sign up for this, you can feel free to tackle it with a partner or unweighted.  If you are planning to go weighted, BYO backpack!

Schedule Notes:  Due to low attendance, the 6:00 pm will no longer be offered on Fridays.  The 4:00 and 5:00 pm will be on as usual!

Nutrition Notes:  One more day!  As you round out the 2021 nutrition challenge, consider what lifestyle changes seem sustainable and which will end.  For anyone interested in continuing on with an added level of accountability, we do offer ongoing nutrition counseling.  Reach out to Coach Ricky or John if you’re interested!

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  1. Hey Everyone, I wanted to provide a little more info on “Chad” for Saturday for those interested!

    For those of you that don’t know about Chad Wilkinson, check out the website. https://chad1000x.com

    You can donate (and get a patch and T-shirt) if you would like but there is no need to donate to participate.

    The Workout

    1,000 box step-ups completed as a team, partner, or individual for time.

    3 OPTIONS:

    1. Slick // No rucksack. You pick the height of the step-ups.

    2. Standard // 30#/20# rucksack. You pick the height of the step-ups.

    3. Expert // 45# rucksack. Use 20″ box for step-ups.

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