Daily WOD – Nov 25, 2019

The Battle on Bridge II crew! Congrats to the the competitors and thank you to all the volunteers!

With a 15 minute running clock, complete a round every 90 seconds of:  

  • 3 power snatches (135/95#)
  • 12 burpees 

WOD Notes: Choose a scale for the snatch (weight) and burpees (number of reps) so each round takes  about 60 seconds, leaving 30 seconds to rest. If you get to a point where you can’t complete the round in 90 seconds, the workout turns into an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), with no built in rest. Score is total number of rounds + reps completed. Anyone with shoulder mobility limitations should sub 3R/3L DB snatches.

ROW-vember Notes: Many of you remember last year’s ROWvember challenge, where we asked our members to row 30,000 meters during the month of November. This year, we’ve upped the ante. This year’s challenge is to row 50,000 meters between Nov 29 and Dec 31! If you want to participate, add your name to this spreadsheet and track your meters daily. ICA honor code! A few notes/rules:

  • Meters rowed as part of a Daily WOD (or an in-class warm up) don’t count!
  • You can substitute ski-erg or airbike, but airbike meters count for 1/3 distance (i.e., 3000m on the bike counts as 1000m towards the challenge).
  • Anyone who completes the challenge will get another sweet sticker (like last year, but better)!
  • To minimize distractions, please row in the back room or behind the wooden wall if you’re rowing while a class is occuring. Thank you!
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  1. 5:00
    Pat D. 25#db
    Dan T. 25#db from 45#plate
    Tim C. 65 (131 burpees)
    Jeff 30#db, 10bur/rd
    Chris W.
    Bob B.
    Smith 185 PC
    Erin 75
    Sikora 115 HPC, 10bur/rd
    Boelker Rx+ (coaches challenge – 138 burpees)

    Tobin 55
    Erik 95, 8bur/rd
    Laura 35, 12-8bur/rd
    Allie 75, 12-8bur/rd
    Rob K. 20# slamball, 8 chargers/rd
    Traci 15, 8bur/rd
    Tammy 15
    Sean R.
    Ricky 185PC
    Jill 35, 10-12bur/rd
    Tim S. 75
    DR 75
    Avery 30, 8-5bur/rd
    Paul 65
    Vaihbiv 35
    Swetha slamballs for burpees
    Hannah 35, 10bur/rd

    Francis 65, 5bur/rd
    Ryan 45, 8bur/rd
    Jimena 53, 10bur/rd
    Rich 105, 10bur/rd
    DW 85, 12-6bur/rd
    Tracy 35, 10bur/rd
    Nik Rx+ (Unbroken + coaches challenge – 138burpees)

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