Daily WOD – Nov 26, 2019

Haven reaching the top of the rope for the first time!

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5


3×20 glute bridges (40% of 5RM back squat)

WOD Notes: Compare to 181003.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Dan T!

Schedule Notes: Important schedule changes for this week:

  • Wednesday – We “uncancelled” the 6pm and 7pm, so Wednesday is now a normal schedule. The Wednesday WOD is guest friendly, so let us know if you have friends or family in town who want to join in the fun!
  • Thursday – We are open from 6:30am-10:30am with heats of “The Firebird” every 30 minutes. We opened some additional spots in each heat and also added a 7:00am heat.  Check out the WOD here and reserve your spot ASAP!
  • Friday – 5:15am class is cancelled, but there’s a bonus 8:30am class. All evening classes are on at this time, but we will cancel the 6pm if no one signs up by Thursday night. Please reserve your spot if you plan to attend!

P3 Nutrition Notes: Our new meal provider offers a convenient “Grab & Go” service. Each week they deliver a handful of extra meals to our fridge that are offered first-come first-serve. The meals are $10 each, and you simply Venmo the money to @P3-Nutrition. There are 10 meals available this week; don’t let them go to waste! If you have any questions please contact P3 at info@p3nutrition.kitchen.
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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. 6:15
    Smith 315 PR!
    KTL 135
    Hannah 90 PR over old 1RM!
    Sabrina 185
    Brian G. 4×70, 1×100 SS to 16”
    Craig 195
    Jenn 210 PR!
    Faith 125 PR!
    DE 300
    Mike D. 225
    Robin 135
    BWat 190 SS to 16”
    Sean G. 195
    Missy 165 PR!
    Jesse St. 185
    John 300 SS to 16”
    Dan E. 300
    Lana T. 55 Across

  2. 6pm
    Rob G 275
    Ed 245
    Iggy 320
    Mike Y 175 to 16″
    Marco 105 to 18″
    Mike C 105 to 18″
    Nik 215 (PR)
    Amy 105 across
    Nicole 155
    Todd W 205
    Dan R
    Dan T – happy birthday!
    Michelle 55 to 17″
    Byron 135 to 17″

    Sean B 325
    Bob K 265
    Swetha 105 (d)
    Kris 100 (16″)
    Ian 125 across
    Blythe 140×3

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