Daily WOD – Oct 3, 2018

Welcome Julie!

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5


3×20 Glute bridges (40% 5RM back squat)

WOD Notes:  Compare to 180306.

Nutrition Notes: Day 24/40. Many CrossFit athletes (including several at ICA) follow the Renaissance Periodization (“RP”) diet. RP was developed by a powerlifter and bodybuilder to provide a scientifically-based nutrition program for his physique and fitness clients. The RP diet assigns you an eating “template” based on your current weight, gender, and your goals – i.e. fat loss or muscle gain. Each template provides:
  • Different eating plans based on how hard your training is that day (hard moderate, light, non-training) and when your training is taking place (early morning, late morning, afternoon, evening, or late PM).
  • Progressive diet phases from the “base” diet to various “cut” or “gain” cycles, in which the diet is modified in response to your adapting body and metabolism
  • A recovery plan for when your diet ends to help you maintain your results
The recommended foods on RP include (lean) protein, veggies, healthy fats, and healthy (low GI) carbs. The RP diet does not require you to avoid gluten, but it’s easy to do so if you want to. RP recommends the use of whey and casein protein shakes, but some of our athletes have substituted non-dairy alternatives. At ICA, many athletes have found success on the RP diet. Others have found it to be overly prescriptive and hard to follow. If you are interested in RP, Coach Dave has been following it for several years and is a wealth of information. You can also check out the RP website HERE. It’s worth noting that RP also offers personalized nutrition coaching, if 1:1 coaching is something you’re interested in.


Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Coach Sarge!
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Happy 29th Sarge

  2. Happy bday Sarge!!!

  3. 5:00

    Tim 195
    Tina 90
    Alex D. 90PR!
    Jeff 225
    Kenny 235
    Mike C. 235
    Janet 165
    Abby 85
    Daria 115PR!
    Chris 130
    John C. 215
    Joe 215
    Dani 155
    Nikki K. 155×4
    Morgan 105
    Lindsay 105PR!

  4. Results:
    Franco 335×4
    Frank N. 195×3
    Matt B. 205 + hip circle
    Anne Marie 125
    Jenn 195, 210×3
    Danielle :0
    Dan E> 305
    Murray 275
    Jake 195 to 16″
    Kehl 175
    Bill 85 (16″)

    Vince 105
    Craig 175
    Luke L. 245
    Ash 135
    Kelly G. 95
    Mohyeed 245
    KEvin 215
    Iggy 307.5
    DE 275
    John 335

    Becky 55 to 16″
    Catherine 115, 18″
    Christine 115, 18″ pR
    Paul 185
    Ed 215 form
    Drake 165
    Jimbo 310×7
    Sean M. 195
    Ken 85
    Betsy 65 form
    Megan V> 150
    Stacey 115

    Heath 80
    Marissa W. 65 form
    Smith 295
    Luke O 155
    Tom S> 225
    Caine 245
    Robbie 255
    Linda 35 to 16″

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