Daily WOD – May 6, 2022

Joe B hitting some toes to bar!

Workout of the Day

Strong Man Day!

Complete the following work:

  • 2 minutes of max reps keg/stone/sandbag ground to shoulder
  • 20 x 10 yard 2-arm farmer’s carry (heavy KBs or DBs)
  • 4 x 10 yard hand-over-hand standing sled pull

WOD Notes:  You’ll have 12 minutes at each station today.  In that time, you’ll have the chance to practice the movement, get your weights set and complete the work.  At the 12 minute mark, you’ll rotate to the next station.  Come in for some fun with some movements you might not often get to do!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday to Andrew W, Mike T and Marcus!


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