Daily WOD – Mar 8, 2013


Shoulder press 2-2-2-2-2-2


3 minutes (total) of plank hold (5 min advanced)

WOD Notes:  Compare to 1RM shoulder press on 121031.

Notes:  Due to the length of WOD 13.1 on Saturday, we ask everyone show up 10 minutes early to their class for a general warm up on your own so that we can focus on instruction and rules when class starts.  We will have a warm up posted outside the door when you arrive!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Joanne!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Joanne! Hope it is wonderful 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Joanne!!

    1. Happy Birthday Joanne!!

  3. Results:
    Jenn 75
    Sara R. 60
    Jacki 85 PR!
    Mickey 150
    John 75 (rehab)

    Joanne 55
    Rey 120
    Romanelli 145
    Brian 155
    Vic 165
    Jackie T. 70
    Paul 105
    Ron 165 PR!
    Tom S. 110
    Scott 155
    Ginger 65

    Joel 90
    Matt C. 155
    Tom P. 135
    Nikki K. 55
    Rick 135
    Jackie B. 70
    Nikki W. 105

    Filchner 122
    Peggy 60
    Fili 140 PR!
    Phil 175
    Garrett 170 – 5 Minutes unbroken!
    Korba 145
    Jerry 130

    Peter S. 80
    Ryan 140

    Great from all around today! If you did the 13.1 workout last night, make sure to log in and submit your scores so we can validate them.

  4. Happy Birthday Joanne!

  5. Happy Birthday Joanne!

    Great job to everyone that competed last night and good luck to everyone tomorrow.

  6. Happy Birthday Joanne!

  7. Score submitted!

  8. My score is submitted. Although Korba was my judge I couldn’t find him on the list so I put John down as my judge. Hope that was ok?

    All the best to everyone competing tomorrow! The only limits we have are the ones that we put on ourselves. Push yourself to be great tomorrow and great you will be!!

    1. Submitted my score! Good luck to everyone!!

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