Daily WOD – Mar 31, 2020

At Home Workout #18

Warm Up


  • High knees – 30 reps
  • Skip w/ reach – 20 reps
  • Lateral plyo jumps – 10 reps
  • Broomstick dislocates – 10 reps
  • Around the world – 10 reps

Then complete 3 rounds of:

  • 15 KB/DB swings
  • 10 hollow rocks
  • 5 A-frame push ups

Workout of the Day

Complete 7 rounds for time of: 

  • 7 handstand push ups
  • 7 KB/DB thrusters – left arm
  • 7 toes to DB/KB
  • 7 KB/DB thrusters – right arm
  • 7 KB/DB swings
  • 7 burpees
  • 7 KB/DB sumo deadlift high pulls

Cash Out

  • 10 reps of the world’s slowest toes to DB/KB (10 sec up / 10 sec down)

Cool Down

  • 1 minute child’s pose
  • 1 minute sit-and-reach

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout. Post to comments: Time, weight, modifications.

Virtual Note: If you’re free around lunch time, join us for a virtual check-in at 12:00 on Zoom!

United Mettle Note: The folks who run our pro shop are offering home delivery on 12-packs of recovery drinks. Link to order here

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This Post Has 67 Comments

  1. Good recipes on the previous post. So, I decided to share my go-to “break-fast”, too:
    4 oz of water
    1Tbsp chia seeds (let them soak for 20 mins in water before adding other ingredients
    3 raw eggs
    1 serving of Naked Whey Protein (unsweetened)
    1 small avocado
    1 Tbsp raw cacao
    1 tsp Ceylenne cinnamon
    stevia vanilla sweetener (to taste)
    P: 48
    F: 37
    C: 24
    Cal: 621

    If I feel like I need more carbs, I’ll add a medium size sweet potato (cooked the night before and cooled in the fridge). That adds 27g carbs and 2g protein (and tons of good fiber and potassium).

    * take a proteolytic enzyme prior to eating this to help you fully digest all that protein
    * never add a processed sugar; if you need more sweetness, add 1 tsp of raw (not processed) honey
    * try to find pasture-raised chickens that were NOT fed any soy feed (that keeps the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio in optimal level in the eggs)
    * don’t be afraid of healthy fats

    1. Considering you do a variety of workouts in the morning with many double sessions, you need double to triple that carbohydrate total imo. I wouldn’t add too many more calories overall, but pre workout, or even if this is immediately post, I’d lower the fat and raise the associated calorie count in healthy carbs.

      IF we’re getting REALLY specific as to macro timing, I’d have that meal as listed on a NON workout day.

  2. Well hell fire, save matches, marry a duck and see what hatches. I’ll be damned, Craig. Teach me your ways.

  3. 31:32
    with A frame push ups subbed for handstand push ups
    30# DB for thrusters and swings
    52.5# DB for sumo high pulls

  4. 29:10
    4rds HSPU 3rds A frame
    35# KB all around
    52 mins total with WU, CO, and CD

  5. 18:33
    3 wall climbs per round
    26# KB swings & high pulls
    20# DB thrusters

    55# barbell BS & rows

  6. I’m a day behind, so, I completed WOD#17, “the longest mile”,this morning:
    20” box jump
    Max pull ups = 8

  7. Completed with Sadie-no timer
    Meg-30# kb
    Sadie-5# PP, 8# thrusters 13#kb swings and deads
    Thanks for this one!

  8. 21:28, 52.5 DB, strict HSPU to 4inch mat

  9. 26:11
    35# kb
    Double hands for thrusters
    HSPU strict to 4” mat

  10. I did WOD#17 a second time with some variation;
    25:10 (20 inch box jump, then 20lb slam ball, then 25 toes to db & 15 bicycles, then pushups)

  11. 25:52
    Sub for HSPU was 7 squat jumps over DB
    60# DB thrusters
    40# AKB swings and sumo DL high pulls

  12. 22:36
    A Frames
    #35 Thrusters/Swings
    #50 Sumo Jawn

    1. Ah jawns, takes me back to my teaching days. Keep it up Chaz!

  13. 27:33 for both!
    Nicole – wall holds and knee push ups, 26#KB LEFT thruster, 35#KB right truster and swing.
    Alex – handstand hold and push ups, 44#KB – Russian swings. I’m speechless after watching Nicole do different weights on each arm.

  14. 23:56
    HSPU down to a pillow
    Thrusters 15# DB
    Swings & DLHP 26# KB
    Nice and sweaty!

  15. 19:46
    HSPU to yoga block (~4″)
    20# DB thrusters
    30# DB swings and DLHP
    Plank burpees

    1. Great idea w the yoga block! Wish I had thought of that!

      1. Thanks! It worked out well.

  16. Mado:
    26:50 (HSPU w/ 2 in plate/mat, 25# DB thruster, candle sticks, 35# KB American swing, 44# KB Sumo HP)
    25:10 (A-frame PU, 35# KB thruster, 53# KB swing and sumo HP)


  17. Pizza review

    1. How was it??

  18. 29:47

    HSPU to a pillow. Maybe 4”?
    27lb DB thrusters
    My DBs are super clunky and I couldn’t really do SDHP so o modified the swings to right arm swings with DB and modified the SDHP to left arm swings with DB.

    This workout made me want to say very bad words ☹️☹️☹️

    So I forced myself to do the cash out unbroken to attempt to feel better about myself 🤣

  19. Tavenners
    This was really hard to do on your own. The one arm thrusters hurt my feelings. Missing everyone!!😭

    28:33 #35, strict hspus for 3 rds, 4 rds kipping hspus

    Lanna 9:10 A frame PUs, #20 DB 2 arm thrusters, #15 DB swings, #15 DB SDHP

    Davin 9: 04 A frame PUs, #8 med ball G2O, #8 med ball T2ball, Good mornings red band, #8 med ball cleans

  20. Wasn’t feeling it today.
    HSPU – 3.5” box
    Skipped thrusters
    Used 53# KB for everything else
    😁 More than a minute but less than an hour.

  21. 14:45 but only 4 rounds (got interrupted!)
    35# KB
    A Frame PU’s

    1. Solid pace Chris and those interruptions will certainly happen. Keep it up Chris!

  22. 18:35, 10lb DB (I really need to order heavier DBs) but used both for SDHP, A-frame PU

    Of course Megan V would suggest this craziness

    1. Oh Megan I miss you 😂

  23. Finished quicker than I thought I was going to time 37:01, 30#KBP subbed for HSPU, 30#KB for thrusters and swing, 45# for SMDL, and got to break in my new toy, 30# slamball subbed for burbies

    1. Nice Tom! Love that you got your hands on a slamball!

  24. 24:25 A frame push ups. 35# db. So much fitness!

  25. 20:03 (A-frame push ups, 30# thursters, 50#KBS)

  26. 26:37
    A Frame push ups
    15# DB

  27. 23:57 (no energy at all today)
    7L/7R Dead bugs instead of HSPU
    Front squat with books in backpack instead of thrusters
    53lbs RKBS
    Jump squats for burpees
    53lbs SDLHP

  28. Thank you for this killer WOD! Shamefully my first since you closed. >_<
    * Roughly 45 mins (didn't time) * Weight: 15#DB for thrusters, 20#KB (swings & sumo deadlift high pulls) * Mods: 1) HSPU mod elevated PUs, 2) toes to above head (couldn't go all the way back!), 3) elevated burpees.

    1. Heck Yeah Caroline! I’m thrilled to see you hit your first at home workout. Hopefully it won’t be too many more weeks of this but in the meantime, we can keep getting stronger together.

  29. 24:48 this one was brutal even with my special mods…
    Sub HSPU with L sit on the floor/ DB press overhead 15 lb DB – set of 10 instead of 7 which I quickly regretted
    Thrusters – 20# DB
    Toes to post with strap (dead bugs??)
    KB 25# for swings & pulls
    Subbed star squat things for burpees

  30. Didn’t time it – had to stop the wall climbs after round 2 since it tweaked my knee.
    5 rounds – got to KB swings on #6 when knee started to feel uncomfortable. Thrusters with 13.5# DB
    Subbed KB swings (#20) for burpees so I did 14 in a row.

  31. Jimena – 29:25. 7 sec HS hold w/7 PU. 25lb KB and 20lb DB f/ thrusters.

    Rich – AM / PM workouts
    AM – 25 Burpees, “Annie”, 25 Burpees. No Time
    PM – 32:49 HSPU for 4 rounds, then 7 sec HS hold w/7 PU. 53lb KB and 40lb DB f/ Thrusters

  32. 21:18, front squats instead of thrusters, 35#

  33. 26:28
    A frame push ups
    35# KB

  34. 17:53
    Attempted A-frame push ups but it definitely wasn’t pretty. Warning to those with long hair: toes to DB can be dangerous if you don’t get your hair out of the way 😅

  35. AM Session
    5K Row
    – 19:16

    PM Session
    My shoulder-altered version of ICA’s at home version of Hero WOD “The Seven” aka “The CIA Seven”

    Complete 7 rounds for time of: 
    * 7 KB Romanian Deadlifts (70s)
    * 7 DB Gorilla Squats (35s)
    * 7 Toes to KB
    * 7 DB Gorilla Squats (35s)
    * 7 RKBS (70)
    * 7 calorie row
    * 7 DB Bent Rows (35s)


    4×25 Oblique Crunches (70#)
    4×18 Bent Plate Curls (10#)
    4×15 Hollow Rocks
    4×15 DB Shrugs (35s)

    1. I see what you did there…CIA

      1. Just a little covert plug.

  36. 27:47
    Sub for HSPU was squat jumps over DB
    25# DB thrusters
    30# AKB swings and sumo DL high pulls
    I blame my time on Sean no repping me for not hitting depth on the squats. Awful judge haha

  37. Marsha-15# DB-19:20-elevated A-frame PU, 2xbox squats for burpees
    Jeff-35# DB-19:18, A-frame PU

  38. Welcome to Tuesday folks! 34:44. 35# DB for all. 1 round strict HSPU, others A- frame push ups. I kept starting each round with 1HSPU attempt though, which took longer. Subbed toes-to-carport-roof (TTCR) for TTDB.

  39. Gavin insists his toes to KB were RX+ due to the excessively long distance covered at almost 6’4”. 🙄

    1. But there’s so much momentum with long legs, I think it makes it easier… It’s science.

  40. Did few rounds before my little one complained for attention so didn’t complete the entire wod. Tomorrow morning will try a double wod

  41. Good one!
    HSPU to 45#plate+May
    Lf arm KB thruster – 15#
    Rt arm DB thruster – 20#
    American KBS – 30#
    KB high pulls – 30#

  42. 30:21…a leisurely pace but got the point!
    10PU sub for HSPU
    35# DB thrusters, swings
    53# KB Sumos

    1. Nice work John! Keep it up.

  43. 27 minutes
    Pushups for HSPU,
    #25 thrusters, #35 kB swing and deadlift

  44. 18:52
    A frame PU
    2 handed thrusters

  45. Our basement ceiling is low (can’t go overhead) & we don’t have an uninterrupted wall in our home for HSPU, so I did this little bit of work:

    5K row – 22:51

    8 min tabata 30# slam ball over shoulder – 128 reps

    3 rounds of:
    15 KB high pulls (53#)
    20 Russian twists (15#)
    10 DB clean alt R/L (35#)
    20 abmat sit ups

  46. Meghan is trying to kill us!
    5 wall climbs
    25# KB thruster and swing
    35# sumo

  47. 5 mile run, then did the workout… My heart rate was SO much higher for this workout than for the run 😂
    24:07; hspu to yoga block, 30# DB thrusters, 44#KB swing and high pulls

  48. 23:34 35# dB thrusters, 35# kB swings, 75# barbell hi pulls. Good one!

  49. Dan: 23:10, A-frame push ups
    Jesse: FITNESS!

  50. Nik 22:43 Rx (strict HSPU, 35# KB)
    John 26:22 (4 strict HSPU/rd)

  51. 21:55 (a-Frame push ups)
    35# DB for the first three rounds, 15# DB for the last four

  52. Walking climbs 2 for 3 rounds A frame the rest
    30#KBS and High deadlift
    20# Thrusters
    29min and change

  53. Did this one a day late. Roughly 21 mins. 20# DB and A frame push ups. Great workout!

  54. 23:17
    Went on a run yesterday, so I’m a day late
    Pushups instead of HSPU

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