Daily WOD – Apr 1, 2020

At-Home Workout #19

Warm Up

2 rounds of:

  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 15 KB/DB deadlift
  • 10 sit ups
  • 5 rolling sit ups

Then complete 10 reps of:

  1. Spiderman lunge
  2. Runner’s stretch
  3. Each movement in today’s workout, unweighted

Workout of the Day – Lower Body Strength Day

Complete 3 rounds of 1 minute on, 1 minute off, for max controlled reps:

  • Reverse lunge 
  • Good mornings
  • Lateral squat
  • Two-handed cleans
  • Split squats

Coaches’ Challenge

  • In lieu of a cash out we have a special Coaches’ Challenge today. Every hour on the hour, from 8am – 7pm (12 rounds), perform 25 air squats. Set a timer, text your friends, whatever you need to hold yourself accountable!

Cool Down

  • Half kneel quad stretch – 30 seconds each side
  • Happy baby pose – 1 minute

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout, and here for a more detailed explanation of the KB/DB clean. Today is a lower body strength day. You’ll work hard for a minute, then rest for a minute, for a total of 30 minutes. Post to comments: Weight used, modifications, and a smiley face or the word “complete.” No need to track reps, just word hard and make it look pretty.

Schedule Notes: We have 2 virtual classes tomorrow – 6:00am & 6:00pm. We hope you can join us! Please reserve your spot in Wellness Living, then join class using the Zoom link on our blog. The classes will open up with 25 squats for the Coaches’ Challenge. Even if you can’t stay for the entire class, feel free log into Zoom for a few minutes to do the squats with your long lost ICA friends.

FUCS Challenge Notes: We’re 2 weeks into the challenge… right about the time we all *thought* we’d be returning to the gym. No such luck. #FUCS #WorstAprilFoolsJokeEver. We’re grateful for each one of you who has posted your results to the blog – even if you’re not officially doing the FUCS challenge. It’s undeniable evidence that our ICA spirit, camaraderie, and determination is alive and well! So here’s our challenge for you: Sometime this week, get at least 1 non-ICA member (a friend, family member, coworker, etc) to do an ICA workout and post it to the blog. Have them note your name in their comment. CrossFit is for everyone, and with these at-home workouts, CrossFit is more accessible than ever. Let’s share our passion with others who might benefit from the amazing community of support that ICA has to offer!

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This Post Has 62 Comments

  1. 30# DB for reverse lunges
    35# KB for everything else.

  2. For anyone that owns a rower, here’s a Concept 2 Challenge a few of us will be undertaking:

    April 1 – 1,000m
    April 2 – 2,000m
    April 3 – 3,000m
    So on and so forth until
    April 15 – 15,000m
    (don’t do the math…just tackle it per day as they need not be single sessions)


    1. Thanks Dave! I’m going to join the challenge! I’ll curse you for this multiple times because I’m a terrible rower, but I’m in!

      1. Yaaasss!

  3. 😊 26# KB

  4. 35# DB for all

  5. 11# gear… Will be searching the basement for something heavier 😉

  6. 13# laundry detergent bottle for all, complete. 😀
    A random day off after 7 months in a new job and this is the WOD. My lower body is going to hate me for a few days.

  7. That’s was rough! All the Valentino girls completed it! Sadie was modified and body weight, Zoe used a band and 13#kb, Megan used band and 30# kb.

  8. Mado and Kelsey… Did it 🥳 (heaviest weight used was 35# KB, lightest was 20# DB)

  9. Done. I don’t know why I look at some of the WOD’s and think- That’s not so bad. Then I get halfway through and think- Holy Sh*t, this is tough. Perhaps it’s my newbie-ness. I used a 20#KB. I tried the cleans but, I don’t think I was doing it quite right so did KB swings instead for that part of each round. I’m still doing my hourly squats. Started at 8AM and will finish at 8PM.

    1. Nice job, Mary! I wouldn’t fault your “newbie-ness”. In fact, I routinely have my butt handed to me in workouts that looked relatively benign and “not too bad” the night before. It comes with the territory. Keep up the great work!

    2. Mary, I’ve been at ICA for five and a half years. And I still have never learned not to think “that doesn’t look too bad.” Yesterday being a prime example 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Completed!!!

    1. 20 lb DB
      For the cleans I used 2 15# DBs instead of one DB
      For good mornings subbed a purple band

  11. I liked this one a lot. But it hurts. Lololol.

    I used a 32.4lb DB. A band for good mornings. And I did goblet squats instead of cleans bc they just didn’t work with my DB.

  12. 26# KB 😉

  13. No WOD but decided to enjoy what little sun we had. Started relocating the garden beds. Picked heavy things up and moved them across the yard. I’ll still probably be sore tomorrow.

    1. Nothing like picking up heavy stuff. That’s the kind of Rocky IV montage fitness that dreams are made of.

      1. One of my favorites. Need to find an idle fashioned cart and some friends for the next round of thrusters.

  14. Went rogue today,was not feeling Kettle bells today, sorry. But instead I did

    The warm up minus kettle bell then
    4 rounds each 50 SU, 15 box jumps (24″), 10 ring rows.

  15. Check. 35#KB and 20lb vest

  16. Jenn
    This was very spicy especially with all these squats thrown in the day!!😂
    #35 DB

  17. That hurt. My lateral squat is garbage.

  18. So i flipped the script for the WOD but your kettle bell was there with me the whole time. Crushed the warm up tho.
    50-40-30-20-10 of double unders/RKBS with a 400m run between each set NFT so i crushed it.

  19. I went off script today. I did the 300 air squats in sets of 25 and 750 SU in sets of 50 – 70.

  20. This was a good one!!
    30# DB for everything. Those cleans and split squats got spicy!!
    I completely forgot about the squats throughout the day, so I did a cash out of 100. Might do a few more a little later.

  21. Mission accomplished with 35# DB and coaches challenge. My legs feel like spaghetti 🙂

    1. Same here! Don’t worry, it will serve as good warm up for the half mile of lunges tomorrow.

  22. Done!
    400m 53lbs KB single arm farmer carry prison escape
    Subbed straight leg DL for good mornings and used 53lbs KB
    Managed the 2 handed cleans with the 53lbs KB as well
    Everything else unweighted
    400m 53lbs KB single arm farmer carry back to prison lol

  23. 5 mile run
    Orange KB

    1. That’s awesome Jenn!

  24. 35# db 🙂

    1. Solid mobility Shawn!

  25. 45 min hiit and hill ride


    3/29’s workout. 14:03 total time.

  26. 😁
    35# DB for all

  27. Sofia and I did yesterday’s workout. She wanted to do HSPU!!
    Sofia – 15# thruster and 20# swings. 20:34
    Ceil Elevated PU, 15# thrusters, 30 # swings. 20:14
    Max opted for basketball today

    1. Nice! It makes me smile every time I see you and your kids posting these results!

  28. Completed!
    Liz – 25# DB
    Sean – 60# DB
    We did the virtual WOD and it was awesome! Definitely needed the encouragement to get through this one. Thanks coaches!

  29. Done! Done! & Done!! 😓 with Baby deer legs 😫

    Jimena w/ 26 KB
    Rich w/35 DB

  30. Complete

  31. Voila! 50# vest for all. 35# DB for cleans. Finished up with a mile run in the vest.

  32. ✅ check. 35#

  33. 😀 WOD + Coaches’ Challenge
    30# KB

  34. Done Erik #35 Sara “Air”

  35. Done. #35 dB.

  36. WOD +3.5 mile weighted run

    1. Oh my god, I can’t believe you did it after we joked about it in the virtual class! Jesse Sy, your insane!

  37. ✅ complete KB35#

  38. Sigal’s both used #15 weights and did banded good mornings. Adam’s warmup was a 3 mile run. I did a 20 minute peloton. 2 mile walk to cool down. We did so many reps that we lost count.

  39. Complete! 35# DB + Coaches challenge 8am7pm

  40. 30# dB for all

    1. So glad to see you on here Swetha! 🙂

  41. AM Session
    5K Row (1,000m needed for C2 April Fools’ Challenge)
    – 18:49.9

    PM Session
    Done! 53# (had to change how it was held a bunch, but the legs didn’t notice)

  42. 26 # kb😁 and coaches challenge

  43. Warneks – Done – check +
    Nikki – 36ish# (Sage)
    John – 53 KB ( but no for lateral squats, cuz yikes)

    It was awesome to be in the virtual class, thanks for keeping us motivated!

  44. run – 3miles – 21:23
    WOD – 52.5 dB

  45. I also did the coaches’ challenge starting at 9am. My legs will hate me tomorrow lol

  46. Complete

  47. 50 lbs and not able to do stairs 😓

  48. Coaches challenge completed, I had two of my besties doing them with me and we reminded each other every hour – how fun! My legs are shot! But work got in the way of my WOD so only completed warm up & round 1 😣

  49. Marsha-15# DB and some mods- done
    Jeff-35# DB- done

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