Daily WOD – Mar 30, 2020

At-Home Workout #17

Warm Up

800m warm up run

Then 3 rounds of:

  • 15 jumping jacks
  • 10 plank knee to elbow (5R/5L)
  • 5 push ups

Workout of the Day

“The Longest Mile”

  • 400m run
  • 40 box jumps or step ups
  • 400m run
  • 40 air squats
  • 400m run
  • 40 push ups
  • 400m run
  • 40 sit ups

Cash Out

  • Max consecutive pull ups 

Cool Down

  • T-spine twist (1 min per side)
  • Calf stretch (1 min per side)

WOD Notes: If you like “The Longest Mile” workout, thank Dan R for the fun programming! (We modified it, but only slightly.) Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout. The cash-out can be performed on a tree branch if you don’t have a pull up bar. (We don’t!) Sub a max duration dead hang or flexed arm hang if you don’t have pull ups yet. Post to comments: time, box height, and any modifications. Cash out: total pull-ups. 

FUCS Challenge:  What is your favorite “go to” meal or snack? (One that meets our “quality” guidelines, please!) Post it to comments, along with the recipe. Bonus points if you know the macros and post those too.

Virtual Schedule: This week we’re hosting 4 virtual check-ins and 5 virtual WODs. If you haven’t participated in a check-in  yet, we’d love to see you there! Please sign up in Wellness Living to reserve your spot, then join by Zoom 5 minutes before the session begins.


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This Post Has 69 Comments

  1. Late-Night go-to–>Trail Mix Perfect Bar with a cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze 30 minutes before bed to curb those late-night sugar cravings.

    Perfect Bar Macros:
    350 cals
    P- 16g
    F- 22g
    C- 27g

    Almond Breeze Macros:
    40 cals
    P- 1.3g
    F- 3g
    C- 1.8g

  2. Okay, so, don’t judge me for this one. In the past I would have immediately dismissed anything that started with “canned chicken,” but hear me out. 1 can of chicken (5oz) drained, add 1 tsp of mayo and some Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce. 23g protein, 4g fat, 0g carb. Scoop it onto celery. Sooooo good!

    1. You are hardcore.

      I’ve had canned chicken. It’s not bad at all. I also dig your style with the hot sauce.

    2. Such a great idea Nikki. I will use that one for sure.

  3. My all time favorite:
    Oatmeal Supreme:
    1/3 cup dry oatmeal mixed with 1 cup water and microwaved 2 minutes
    Then add in 1/3 cup frozen strawberries, 1/3 cup frozen blueberries, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp chia seeds
    Awesome to pair with some high protein breakfast (eggs and turkey sausage ususally for me).

  4. Snack: Siggi’s 4% Icelandic Skyr either strawberry rhubarb or mixed berry flavor, Skyr is like yogurt but God so much better 4.5g F/11g C/ 12g P…. 0% fat is good too and have 15g protein.

    Meal: super basic fish taco bowl.. 9.5oz mahi mahi (well seasoned), 0.5 cups low sodium black beans drained, half an avocado, and 2-3 tbsp of Mrs. Renfro’s jalapeño salsa (dear God that salsa is so good) 17.6g F/33.6g C/58.9g protein.. Portions may vary depending on what my macro distribution is

  5. Getting back on a morning schedule.

    Row instead of run – 500m/rd
    20” step ups – today’s project build a box (rocking chairs aren’t very stable)
    18:59 total time
    Cash Out: 8 strict

  6. Going to be a long day so did this early.
    39:48- but that includes my warm up and short break between to get headphones working- just can’t figure out timing😂😂

    50 Box jumps to front step and 40 elevated pushups.

  7. Kehl…you look like Dave “El Presidente” Portnoy from Barstool Sports. I think you need to do a pizza review.

    1. Good call! I agree and would love to see a pizza review by coach Kehl!

    2. My favorite go to afternoon snack is homemade trail mix. 1 part mixed nuts, 1.5 part mixed dried fruit, 1/8 part chocolate. E.g. 1 cup nuts, 1 1/2 cup dried fruit, 1/8 cup chocolate.

      Ther Longest Mile!! 15:37. Switched up the 400 m route and found out it had more hills than the other one…

      1. Oh, 15 strict pull ups.

        1. And 24 inch makeshift pallet sculpture jumps! Constructed in a workman like fashion… completely safe.

  8. I’ve been prepping a morning yogurt a few days ahead. I add frozen cauliflower rice, frozen strawberries and blueberries to the yogurt. It’s defrosts overnight and mixes together well in the morning and is so good. You can’t taste the cauliflower and bulks it up. Sometimes i add in some almond butter if i need some extra fat for the day.

    1. I love the cauliflower rice trick!! I do that with lots of other foods but never thought of adding it to yogurt. Awesome!

  9. 20:55 – 20 inch box jumps; 3 pull ups unbroken;

  10. Alex- time: 16:20 with 24” box (14 consecutive strict pull ups)
    Nicole- time:17:16 with 20” box jump/push ups with Heidi girl in jogger (46 second flex arm hang)

    Loved the Zoom at noon!

  11. 19:40
    Jump up on second step

  12. 17:03 – jumped steps – some push-ups from knees
    5 pull ups

  13. 13:58 (24” box)

    Haha, Sean, my brother in law tells me that too.

    My pizza review, Aldi take and bake. $5.99. The key is to put it on a flat top cooktop (pan or skillet) AFTER it comes out of the oven to crisp up the crust. This of course works for all pizza. We are having this for dinner tonight…I mean, we are having venison and kale with 4 macros of grass fed grass.

  14. John 16:22 Rx+ (32″ jumps onto truck tailgate)
    Nik 17:40 Rx+ (32″ jumps onto truck tailgate).

    We both jumped into the noon at last minute and I’m so glad I did! Thanks for the push Nicole and Alex!

  15. Kelsey-
    17:04 (Banded PU, 500m row instead of run – under 2 min each time)
    16:46 (18” box)

  16. 22:01

    It was starting to rain when I was about to work out and I just couldn’t deal today. So I subbed a 3min row for the runs. And added 8lb KB to the step ups.

    I’m super sore today!!!

  17. 27:13, 16″ box step ups. Did the situps in the rain.

    I just can’t run with the pace I could when I was a young man. It was slow, but it was steady.

    Good call, Sean, on identifying Kehl as a Portnoy doppelganger.

  18. 13:01 – 18″ chair step ups, bicycle crunches x2
    6 pull ups

  19. My workout window today was during the downpour so instead I did a 35 min cardio video and then
    40 step ups
    40 air squats
    40 push ups
    40 sit ups

  20. 15:35 with 20#vest
    Run 600m
    40 push ips
    40 air squats
    40 goblet squats with 55#
    40 sit-ups

  21. And 24 inch makeshift pallet sculpture jumps!

  22. I did 50 minutes of cardio on my elliptical with the resistance cranked up so I wasn’t going to do the WOD. But, then when I looked at it I couldn’t resist it sounded so fun. Total time was 24:15. During the warm up I was able to do 1 full push up for the first time ever. The others were modified. For the WOD I did 80 step up on a kid’s step stool and the 40 push ups on the deep freezer. I did the 400m on the elliptical since I had to be inside with the kids.

  23. Ran 5.5 miles @7:32 mile pace — (Schuylkill trail for 3 of the miles) — did pushups and jumped on stuff periodically. 👍🏼

  24. Not a snack but general wellness drink
    – black pepper tea with optional – lemon, turmeric & ginger

    Just microwave water(hot AF) and add in 10 cranks of fresh black pepper. Don’t drink the pepper at the bottom! 🤢.

  25. 21:08 wish I would’ve known about the hills on the trail outside the Y in royersford.. I wasn’t ready 😂

    Subbed a 90s plank for pushups
    Subbed 40 plank knee to elbow (20R/20L) for sit ups since it was raining today

    Wasn’t able to do the cash out but walked an extra two laps around the Y

  26. Sweaty Hot Mess Jenn🤣
    22:31 800m, Step ups 20”ish front step w/20lbs
    Feeling very sluggish today. Couldn’t get myself together to do the 12 zoom!😆

  27. It started raining so I tweaked the workout a bit. I did all the step ups, squats, pushups, and situps in one shot. Then did all of the running in another shot. And I did step ups but did 100 of them very fast.

  28. Heather 16:07 (row, 24″ box)

  29. 18:27 (7″ jump)
    9 purple band

  30. J & R.
    17:35. No boxes to jump 🤷🏻‍♂️ So we scaled to 120 Single Unders

    Our last torturous 400.

  31. 15:22, 400m row, 30” jumps

  32. 15:31, step ups to a ladder, and 7 pull-ups

  33. Meg 14:43 rowed and step ups on a tire 12 pull ups
    Zoe 24:37 8 pull ups
    Sadie 21:49 did 150m rows, elevated push ups, step ups
    REALLY missing everyone!!

  34. 16:30
    Step ups to 20ish inches with 20#KB in front rack
    Squats with 20#KB in front rack

  35. 21ish mins with steps on the second step.

  36. 21:25 w/ 20 inverted push ups and 20 strict.
    Max kettle Bell swings 20.

  37. looked a little sketchy out weather-wise so i front loaded all the runs
    400m splits
    10:35 for the rest of it. step ups using 20 inch box.

    Longest Mile Total Time: 18:21
    Pull ups: 3

  38. I needed to clear my head so I opted for a 5k with my pup followed by a 3.5 mile walk with my sister.

  39. 500m row
    40 jumping air squats
    500m row
    40 pushups
    500m row
    40 air squats
    500m row
    40 T-pushups

  40. Oops! Forgot the max pull ups
    Kelsey – 2 strict 😅
    Mado – 10 strict

  41. Weather was iffy at the time, so I did:
    10K row – 47:28
    Tabata plyo hops on plates w/vest
    Hip thrusts 5×8 @75#
    Deadlift 5×15 @95#
    Bent over DB rows 5×5 @35 DBs

  42. 19:03
    Step ups with a 20-25# infant on front
    Incline pushups
    Then a 2.5mile walk with infant on front again-

  43. Started raining during our lunch break so did a workout inside called “Gravity”
    5 rounds for time
    80 dubs
    40 sit-ups
    20 push-ups
    10 reverse burpees
    Sean – 26:42 (did 13 total reverse burpees, not flexible so switched to regular burpees)
    Liz – 21:32 (100 SU, push-up from knees)
    If you want to see the differences in our reverse burpees, check out Liz’s instagram @elizabethcalabro. It’s shocking!

  44. 45 minute peloton ride


    Goblet squats at 53#
    Deadlifts at 185
    Double unders

    Rest 5 min

    5 rounds of
    1 minute total plank hold
    15 kettlebell swings

  45. Fav go to right now is eggs
    12 min, jump to knee hight, 16 pullups

  46. 19 Days since surgery, so I have to alter a ton. (no pushups or pullups). Things are coming together, though. Slowly in some regards. Exceedingly fast in others. Soon, I’ll really get myself rockin’. Though, the rest has been nice.

    AM Session
    5k Row – 19:15

    PM Session
    500m row
    80 plyo hops (160 touches)
    500m row
    60 Russian KB Swings (70#)
    500m row
    40 jumping lunges
    500m row
    60 situps
    * All with 20# vest. Well, not the situps. That’d be weird.


  47. The Sigal’s all participated in today’s workout. No times were kept but fun was had by all

  48. All rowing – Thanks J and Meg V
    24″ box jumps – 20
    16″ step up – 20
    30 KB push for PU
    Chin over bar for 10sec

  49. Neighbor sharing to get the work done!!

  50. Zoe pumping out the pull ups

  51. Tom hanging out!!

  52. Forgot to start my timer 😅🤦‍♀️ But did box jumps and knee pushups
    I’m a big beverage person, I always have something to drink so my go to snack is a protein shake with a banana and strawberries. It makes a lot if you add ice so great for sipping/snacking throughout the day 😊
    – two scoops chocolate protein powder
    – one banana
    – 1/2 cup strawberries
    – water and ice (I have no idea how much)
    Macros vary a bit based on the size of the fruit and your protein powder but it approximately
    Calories: 307
    Carbs: 42
    Protein: 32
    Fat: 3

  53. 18:06

  54. 280m runs ‘cause did 2.8 miles warm up.

    All 14:40

    Made a new friend! I named it “the rock”

  55. I liked this workout, but my knee did not.
    14.5″ log jump, plus all the rest – 22:05
    Sara did scaled version

  56. 25:30
    Banded push-ups, 14” dynamic jumps

  57. 20:36, rows, 20” (1/2 step ups/jumps)

  58. 14:07; 450m run; scales were step ups to 27″, 50 knee pushups

    Savory Breakfast Oatmeal:
    Ok, so I’ve already gotten feedback on this “recipe” and most say it sounds gross, but I PROMISE it is actually tasty and satisfying! Basically, 1/2 cup oatmeal, egg whites (16tbsp), and 2 c arugula. If you have the extra calories, add a regular egg in there and maybe bacon. The game changer here is 1) hot sauce of choice, 2) smoked paprika, 3) turmeric (especially if you are only doing egg whites, I swear it tricks you into thinking you’re eating egg yolks) 4) couple dabs of sesame oil 5) any other creative spices you feel like trying–otherwise, just salt and pepper. Macros (if you don’t do the regular egg and bacon) are 31 Carb, 3 Fat, 27 Protein

  59. 16:22 Pu w/ band and step ups ( I stacked a bunch of plates on a curb. Wasn’t the sturdiest)

  60. Got it in before midnight!
    Step up to 12”(still
    Nursing knee)
    Split sit ups and push ups
    Hung at the top of a push up hold 20 secs
    And flex hang 20 secs.

  61. Got it in before midnight but not sure where it posted – take 2

    Step up to 12”(knee still sore )
    Split sit ups / push ups
    20 sec hang at top of push up
    20 sec flex hang.

  62. 16:55
    Step ups to 17.5″
    Mod push-ups:
    20 push-ups with band on arms / normal legs
    20 push-ups with band on arms to 17.5″ chair

    2 pull ups to bar. Tried to take a Pic and that was a disaster….one day soon enough haha

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