Daily WOD – Mar 14, 2020

Mado knocking out HSPU!

Complete 10 rounds for total distance:

  • Jog for 90 seconds
  • Sprint for 30 seconds

Cash out: Tabata bottom-to-bottom squats

WOD Notes: If you have a reasonable way of keeping track of total distance, post your total to comments. If you can’t run but have a bike available to you, this WOD would work great on a bike as well. For the cash out, you’ll complete 20 seconds of air squats, then 10 seconds of rest, for 8 rounds. What makes this “bottom to bottom” is that the rest period is at the bottom of the squat. Post your LOWEST round of squats.

COVID-19 Update: If you missed it, check out our COVID-19 update here.

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  1. Record- lowest round of squats

    Craig – 7
    Kelly G – 15
    Swetha – 15

    Ed P – 7
    Marco – 9

    Jesse S – 11
    Joel – 8KBS@53 (8 laps)
    Paul M – 11 (11 laps)
    Steve K – 14 (9.5 laps)

  2. 10:00
    Iggy 11.5 laps/8
    Jesse Sy. 🙂
    Joe C. 3 miles/11
    Joe S. Row
    John C. 2.75 miles/

  3. Megan S 1.7 miles, 11

    1. Nice Megan!

  4. Nicole – 2.2 miles
    Alex 2.6 miles

    1. Great work Alex and Nicole!

  5. Warnek Results:
    Nik – Didn’t track distance, 13 squats
    John – Didn’t track distance, 12 squats
    Carver – 3x200m woods run, 10 squats
    Sage – 3x200m woods run, 10 squats
    Anyone looking for a fun way to time your tabata workouts, there are lots of songs with built in countdowns, like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpO0kzC_PDg

  6. 4 laps around my neighborhood, 10 squats (that was a burner!)

    1. Well done Faith! Walking isn’t working so great for me today.

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