COVID-19 Update

As you are likely aware, on Friday afternoon Gov. Tom Wolf ordered all schools in Pennsylvania to close for two weeks. In Montgomery County, the epicenter for COVID-19 in Pennsylvania, the Governor mandated that community centers, gyms, and entertainment venues close for two weeks.

Unlike Montgomery County, Chester County is not mandating that all community centers and entertainment facilities shut down; however, they are strongly encouraging residents to avoid gyms, venues, and other public places for the next 2 weeks.

One thing that makes ICA special is that we care deeply about our members – each and every one of you. We want to keep you and your families safe, and we also feel an obligation to the greater community to not contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

We are not yet shutting our doors, but we want to strongly encourage our members to practice social distancing and avoid coming to the gym for the next 2 weeks. To that end, we are taking the following steps:

  1. All of our daily workouts for the next 2 weeks will be “at-home” friendly. We’ll get a jump start on the running season, and also do lots of bodyweight movements like push ups, air squats, sit ups, and burpees. Every ICA member will be able to complete the workout of the day from the comfort and safety of your own home. Bonus – you may be able to get your kids, spouse, roommate, or neighbor to join in the fun.
  2. We are decreasing class caps to 10 people per class. By reducing the class size, we’ll reduce the likelihood of an exposure at ICA, and also reduce the impact if someone from ICA does test positive for COVID-19.

If you decide to come to the gym, please be aware:

  • We are out of paper towels and soon to be out of Lysol wipes. We have plenty of soap. Please wash your hands thoroughly when you get to the gym and before you leave.
  • It’s believed that COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets, and you can become infected by breathing in the droplets or by touching a surface that has been contaminated and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth.  We do lots of exhaling at ICA, and we have lots of surfaces that we are doing our best to keep clean, but we certainly can’t keep 100% disinfected.
  • If you feel the onset of a sore throat or if you get a fever, even if you are not coughing, please do not come to the gym.  If you find out that you interacted with someone who later tested positive, please do not come to the gym.

If you decide to practice social distancing and complete the daily WODs at home, we want to stay connected with you! Post your results to the blog. Call out your friends. Email, call or text us with questions.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we do our best to navigate this outbreak. Keep in mind that the situation is changing daily, so we may have more changes in the coming days or weeks.

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. We are part of the best community out there and in order to maintain it, these temporary measures are necessary. Thank you John and Nikki for always making our fellow members’ wellbeing a priority. Whether it’s making sure rookies and seasoned veterans know how to deadlift properly to the overall wellness of our community, we know you have our best interests at heart. #ICAstrong

  2. I appreciate the position that you are in and will look forward to the at home workouts. I will support the two of you however I can. We will all get thru this, we need to support our gym by all means necessary. This is our sanctuary, we need to protect it together.

  3. Totally support you guys on this!! I know this is a tough spot to be in! We appreciate everything you guys do, and working to keep the fit fam strong while at home!

  4. Thanks for doing this – it’s the sane thing to do. My knee is not going to want to run today, but I will cut and split wood. And think of my ICA friends. Take care all and enjoy the day

  5. Support and respect ICA! Only problem is – and I know I can speak for at least Sweta and Smith – I can’t go 2 weeks without seeing Enzo so….keep us posted on his park outings Ricky 🙂

  6. Will do, Katie!

  7. You guys are the best. Stay healthy and safe, everyone!

  8. Wish me luck…the kids are making up a WOD using a deck of cards!

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