Daily WOD – Mar 15, 2020

Welcome Steve Ke!

Strength Day!

Complete 5 rounds (not for time):

  • 20 bodyweight hip thrusts (video)
  • 2 broad jumps (as far as possible)
  • 8R/8L single leg deadlifts (video)
  • 10 face up/10 face down hollow rocks

WOD Notes:  Today would have been a deadlift strength day. We have programed a bunch of movements to crush your posterior chain and core, and mimic the muscle engagements you’d get from a deadlift.  For the hip thrusts, feel free to add weight if desired (a kettlebell, a backpack loaded with books, etc). Anyone not comfortable with broad jumps can sub 10 jumping air squats.

Results: Post your name to comments if you completed the workout at home. Optional: post your longest broad jump.  Send us action shots of your at-home WOD for a chance to be showcased on the blog!!!

Schedule Notes:

  1. Over the next couple of weeks, we will likely cancel any class with fewer than 3 people signed up 90 minutes beforehand. Please check your email before coming in, and ensure you have a cell phone number in your profile if you’d like to receive texts about class cancellations.
  2. To help you plan, we will try to post workouts mid-day for the following day, for the next couple of weeks. Check the blog frequently to be the first to know!
  3. Free Community Yoga is canceled for the next 3 weeks. Yoga will resume on April 5, 2020.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Nick L!

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. Got mine in with Shenica, added some stair runs in the complex up four floors. Great programming, look forward to tomorrow!

  2. Just out of curiosity, what was the deadlift workout? I have a full set of iron plates in the garage, and more than enough cardboard to drop on to.

    1. Hey Ryan,

      Deadlift 3×8 (75%) then max distance broad jump. Let me know how it goes!

  3. 30# DB for hip thrusts and single leg DL, 10 jumping squats

  4. Completed – did 10 jumping squats in place of broad jumps. I also did a pathetic 1.65mi run. It’s funny when you’re driving you don’t realize there’s hills. Hence why I didn’t get very far Lolololol

  5. Alex alternated WOD/7 mile bike ride! Thankful for the great weather!

  6. Alex & I * 🙂

  7. Done used 12.5# dbs for hip thrusters and SL deads. Did 5 rounds of 100 SUs and 200(ish)m run. Yay! This is kinda fun!

  8. Done. I subbed 20 sit up for the hollow rocks as when I tried them something didn’t feel right in my lower abs but doing a full sit up was fine. Thank you so much all you’re doing.

  9. Great job everyone! Thanks for posting results and helping our community stay connected! Warneks just finished up the WOD as well. We started with a long walk/hike at Valley Forge, then hit the daily WOD. Broad jump results:
    John 98″
    Nik 88″
    Carver 47″ (little beast!)

  10. Me- No broad jumps, 25# hip thrusts, 25# 1 leg deads, 20 hollow rocks face up, 30 minute peloton ride

    Jill- RX

  11. Lombardi and I hit Mt Misery at 9:30 this AM(when there was parking by the Knox Mansion). 90 min later we completed 4.3 mi of hiking – me with a 20# vest and traversing unfamiliar trails, I thought I was a goner!

  12. Completed!

  13. Done!

  14. Complete! 15#kb for SLDeads, jumping air squats instead of broad jump

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