Daily WOD – June 4, 2012

Welcome Jackie!


For time, complete 21-15-9 of:

  • Squat Clean (135/95#)
  • Ring dips

WOD Notes: Elizabeth is a benchmark WOD that requires a full squat clean. The weight you choose should not exceed 70-75% of your 1RM squat clean. If you power clean, you must immediately follow with a front squat to “Rx” this today.

Compare to 110803.

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  1. I’m back tomorrow night! Can’t wait for this wod!!

  2. In for the breakfast club!

  3. Craig I’m gonna crush you in this!!!

    1. no doubt tanner, this has your name written all over it. the question is can you beat john’s time from last august, with legit bicep-touching-ring dips every time? I think you can… can’t wait to see it in action!

  4. Dammit! Bummed im gonna miss this.

  5. In for breakfast too!

  6. Good performance Breakfast Crew!

    Holly – 12:36 (55#, P)
    Kevin – 12:07 Rx
    Killa – 12:35 (mf)
    Matt – 12:40 (95#, mf)
    Emily – 12:26 (60# rom, G)
    Lindsey – 12:22 (75#, P)
    Cari – 16:00 Rx (DC rings)

    Enjoy the day!

    1. Kev, way to crush your old Elizabeth time!

    2. Thanks, it went better on the cleans. I’m still terrible at dips though. I want to give Mark a quick shout out: Thanks for putting in that medball clean warm up; was crucial for my body being able to move during the set of 21 cleans. Warm-ups like that matter a lot for me in the AM workouts. Good stuff.

    3. Good stuff, thanks for sharing Kev, and great job Mark!

  7. What’s (mf) mean?

    1. it means “mental floss” – our thinnest band, was used to assist the ring dips

      great turnout by the morning crew!

  8. shit tanner.imgoing to blow you out in this workout. and johns old time. its so on.

    1. Ok can someone please record this face off?

  9. I agree with Kev! Mark is a great motivator in the am! I was hoping to have another Highlights cashout that I could try to do in sub 10 mins! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Kev and Lindsey (and Nikki)!

  10. Bring it homie!!

  11. Getcha popcorn ready.

  12. Results from O’Neill’s:
    Scott 13:41 (105#)
    Cragle completed not for time, still feeling sick

    1. barb in for early class
      15:30 60#, and mf

  13. Results from tonight:
    Sarg 12:38 (88#, P)
    Schips 12:10 (15#, P)
    Tanner 7:31 Rx
    Craig 8:21 Rx
    Mike S 9:06 Rx
    Nick A 8:57 (95#)
    Tiana 22:55 (P)
    John W 5:39 (95#)
    Jackie 14:46 (35/45, G)
    Laurie 7:53 (45, P)
    Jerry 12:08 (45, P)
    Nikki 7:37 Rx
    Stacey 11:56 (35, P)
    Krista 13:11 (35, G)
    Mike H 11:12 (45, B)
    Roydan 9;12 (65, B)
    Dani 12:00 (55, P)
    Chase 14:54 (105, mm)
    MJ 15:48 (mm)
    Dan 14:30 (95, mm, novicane!)

    Congrats to Jackie on completing her very first class!

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚

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