Daily WOD – Jun 11, 2021

Bob Brown cooling down after the WOD!

Workout of the Day

Complete 12-10-8-6-4 reps for time of:

  • Turkish get ups (53/35#)

Complete 20 box jumps (24/20″) after each round. 

Time Cap = 20 minutes.

WOD Notes:  The TGU will be broken evenly on each side.  The set of 12 = 6R/6L.  Choose a weight that will let you complete 2 to 4 reps in a row before switching hands.

Power Meet Notes:  This Saturday June 12 is our mock power lifting meet! We encourage everyone to participate, even if you’ve missed several of the lifting days in our 8-week cycle. We’re running two 2-hour sessions: 8-10am and 10am-12pm. Each session will include:

  • Coach lead warm up and instruction: ~20 minutes.
  • Back Squat: 20-50 minutes.
  • Bench Press: 50-80 minutes.  A pause will NOT be required on your chest for bench this year.
  • Deadlift: 80-110 minutes.

For those that have not taken part in the meet in years past, it is a different format than your typical lifting day at ICA.  We’ll break you into flights of 5 to 10 lifters who will stay together throughout the meet. You’ll have about 10 minutes to warm up each type of lift, then your flight will cycle through 3 attempts at each lift. (The first lifter will complete their first attempt, then they’ll rest while the other lifters in the flight complete their first attempt.  Then the first lifter completes their second attempt, and so on.)  We recommend choosing a weight ~90% of your 1 rep max for the first attempt and then just under your 1 rep for the second attempt.  If that feels good, you’ve got a chance to set a PR on your 3rd attempt. If the second attempt feels heavy, you do not have to take a third attempt.

Note: Flights of lifters will share bars. Per PA and Federal guidelines, individuals who are not fully vaccinated should wear masks and be conscious of social distancing. Individuals who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear masks, but we encourage you to wear them if you are comfortable doing so, especially if you’ll be in close contact with not-fully-vaccinated individuals. 

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Marissa!

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