Daily WOD – Jul 11, 2020

Nik putting in some squat work!

Workout of the Day

Deadlift 5×5 (approx. 70% 1RM)


200 steps lateral banded walk (100R/100L)

WOD Notes: Today is a conventional deadlift. You should warm up to approx 70% of your 1RM and then stay at that weight for all 5 sets. It should be heavy but something you can move smoothly and with perfect form. If you have been lifting independently over the last few months you can increase the percentage slightly (NTE 80%).

Schedule Notes: Sunday’s 9am & 10am classes will be held outside in the parking lot. Remember to bring a towel or mat for the ground, and have a mask on hand to use the bathroom. BYO KB/DB or borrow one of ours. Come get your WOD on and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine! 🌞

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  1. Nik, unbelievable that you can squat with professional modeling pics of your main squeeze hanging on the wall. I will give you $25/print for those pictures. I need that kind of motivation.

  2. We got John REAL sweaty for those photos, too!

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