Daily WOD – Jan 1, 2020

In teams of 4, with 2 athletes working at a time, complete:

  • 500 wall balls
  • 500 sit ups

Then complete:

  • 500 double unders (2 single unders = 1 DU)
  • 250 kettlebell swings

Then complete:

  • 250 burpees
  • 20 rope climbs (5 ring rows = 1 rope climb)

WOD Notes:  Come join us for our 2nd ever New Year’s Day WOD! It’s going to be a real sweatfest, with up to 60 athletes throwing down for an hour-long workout, so come enjoy the chaos! Teams of 4 will work together to complete 2,020 reps, with 2 athletes working at a time. You must complete each couplet before moving on. Please try to share 1 wall ball and 1 kettlebell per team, when possible, even if that means going slightly lighter than you’re used to. To keep things moving we’ll have time caps for each couplet: 25 minutes for part 1, 15 minutes for part 2, and 20 minutes for part 3.

Community Notes: Happy birthday to one of our newest members, Michelle!

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