Daily WOD – Feb 6, 2021

Coach Dave flying through some double unders!

Workout of the Day

Complete a 3 minute AMRAP for max reps at each of the following stations:

  • Kettlebell swing (53/35#)
  • Ab-mat sit ups
  • Box jumps (or step ups)
  • Slam balls (30/20#)
  • Row (calories)

Rest 2 minutes between stations.

WOD Notes:  With 2 minutes of down time and 3 minutes of work, each work set is designed to be fast.  Try to move for the entire 3 minutes and really get after the slam balls and row at the end! If there aren’t enough slam balls to go around, you can pair up with someone and one of you will reverse the slam balls and box jumps. (There will be plenty of time to wipe down the slam balls during the 2 minute break.)

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Sillup!

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