Daily WOD – Feb 24, 2022

Dom hitting some slider deads!

Workout of the Day

Sumo Deadlift 5-3-3-2-1-1-1

Then complete NFT:

  • 2 laps around the gym of banded lateral walks, always facing the whiteboard.

WOD Notes:  The intent today is to build to a heavy sumo deadlift single.  You can plan to start with the set of 5 around 65 to 70% and gradually increase in weight across each set.  Shooting for 90 to 95% by your last single is a good bet.  If you feel great, you can shoot for a new PR!

Open Notes:  The teams are set and the 2022 Open is upon us!  Check out the live announcement at the games site at 3:00 pm on Thursday.  You’ll get to see some of the best CrossFitters on earth try it out without very much prep time!

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