Daily WOD – Feb 16, 2021

Pat B lining up a banded ring muscle up!

Workout of the Day

Sumo Deadlift 5-4-3-2-1-1


  • 3×10 Romanian deadlifts (40% 1RM sumo)
  • 100 standing banded hip abductions (50R/50L, band around ankles)

WOD Notes:  The goal is to shoot for 75 to 80% for the set of 5 and take 5% jumps the rest of the way.  With that kind of volume a PR is difficult to hit but not impossible.  If it feels good, go for it. Otherwise, put in the work.

Schedule Notes: Kelsey will be coaching her test class to potentially finish her coaching internship at the 6:00 pm! If you’re free, come on in to give her a big class to coach.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Nikki!

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