Daily WOD – Feb 10, 2012

Mike S putting the 88# KBs to good use!

Back squat 8 x 3 @ 50% of your 1 rep max (secret twist to be announced!)


  • Max consecutive push-ups
  • Partner Tabata leg tosses
WOD Notes: Come on in for another fun Friday at ICA! We’ll work some dynamic back squats and end with conditioning work. For the max consecutive push ups, you can pause and rest in the plank position, but you can’t put a knee down or come to a rest on the floor. For the partner Tabata leg tosses you’ll each do 4 sets of the 8 set workout.
Remember to sign up if you’re coming to the 6:15am class!

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  1. Phil

    In for 5:30! Looking forward to the dynamic work and the leg tosses should be interesting! john’s gotta keep his distance though

  2. Lindsey

    In for the breakfast club… I cant wait to find out what the secret twist is-oh the suspense!!!! : )

  3. Mike Sabol

    Secret twist? This should be fun. I am in for the breakfast club as well.

  4. Mark

    In!!!!!!!! I’m back baby! …hopefully…

    Few agenda items…A reading from the gospel of Mark.
    Yesterday AM crew…hell of a job on Fran yesterday! And excellent work on waking up for the 6:15 class.

    Mike B.
    Thanks for all you and your crew do. Fran + fighting crime = Seabiscuit in my book (“inspiration” people, try to keep up).

    Mike K. welcome to the great 30s. A lot of great things happened in the 30s. For 1, the depression…and…ummm…well, I’ll get back to ya.

    With all of these PR’s, I think my picture is the driving force behind it. Look at all of these CrossFit dreams coming true! When the eyes of Mark are looking off in the distant, we are destined to do great things.

    Killa, sound advice with the breathing! Phil…and everyone else, Fran is my mom so watch your comments.

    Kevin is juicing. I saw needles and he got treally angry at me when I didn’t make his eggs the right way…then he punted a precious puppy just to show Lindsey that he could be crueler to animals than she could.

    This is the word of The Mark.

    1. Kevin

      There he is! WB, Mark! Im going to echo Phil’s concern about John being in the vicinity while leg throws are happening. Danger!

    2. Sarg


  5. Killa

    Mark, I’m literally speechless…welcome back!

  6. Lindsey

    Welcome back Mark!! I am speechless as well but very impressed! : )

  7. Nikki

    Results from 6:15am (backsquat weight, pushup, leg throws)
    Mike S – 221, 54, 65
    Tiana – 85 (10 sets), 8, 49
    Lindsey – 85 (10 sets), 37 (knees), 68
    Nick – 115, 34, 63

    Lindsey is forbidden from doing push-ups on her knees! After hitting 37 of them, and crushing the tabata, she went on to do 6 on her toes! Great job Lindsey – that’s progress!

    1. Kevin

      Nice, Lindsey!

  8. Lindsey

    Thanks guys!

  9. Nicole

    I keep reading mark’s comment and cracking up! Seriously that’s some funny shit!

  10. Nikki

    Mark 151, 70, 68
    John 221, 62, 70
    Mike K 133, 45, 66
    Nikki 151, 75, 69
    Cari 115, 40, 61
    Phil 221, 52, 64
    Frank 151, 23, 68
    Dan 151, 46, 64
    Kevin 221, 40, 70
    Karen 115, 30 (hips touch), 72

    1. Sarg

      AW man. i got a ROM correction on the hips touching.
      must. work. on. form.

      still did more than i thought i would.

      1. Nikki

        not a ROM correction – I think those would all have counted in last year’s Open competition!! Just a note for the future, so if you do them again 6 months from now and only get 30, but your hips never touch the floor (chest only) you still know you’re getting stronger!

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