Daily WOD – Dec 6, 2011

Joe C getting low on the squat snatch

Buy in:  5 sets of 5 banded hip extensions

WOD:  Snatch (yes, full squat) 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Cash out:  Max rope climbs in 3 minutes (sub rope pulls)


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  1. Lindsey

    In!! Excited for rope climbs!!

  2. Mark


  3. Joe

    Sounds great except for the full squat part and the rope climbs

  4. Nikki

    Results from tonight:
    John 215, 8
    Kevin 170 (PR!), 5
    Karen 85, 3/4
    Joe 115, 6
    Nikki 118, 9
    Lindsey 55 (power), 0
    Dan 135 (power), 1
    Killa 110 (PR!), 7
    Joe C 100, 0
    Mark 115, 11
    Chris C 95, 1
    Phil 135, 6

  5. Cragle

    Snatchin at the Garage:
    Scott 95 (form)
    Cragle 145 yuck

    No rope, so 3 minutes of muscle ups:
    Scott 7
    Cragle 12

    1. Nikki

      Yup – the WOD was full squat, so those are the results we record. For anyone who can’t physically do full squat (yet), we noted that they scaled the WOD to a power snatch. It’s an appropriate scale, but it truly is a different lift!

  6. Cragle

    Results from the garage on 12/7/2011:
    Barb 55#

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