Daily WOD – Dec 3, 2020

Landon showing a solid Russian twist!

Workout of the Day

Box front squat 6×3 (~80% 1RM)

Then complete for time:

  • 50 hollow rocks
  • 100 bicycles
  • 50 abmat sit ups

WOD Notes:  We’ll be using a “normal” front squat stance today (sometimes we go very wide stance on box squats).  The goal will be to put enough weight onto the box that it breaks momentum but not enough to let your body lose tension.

Rowvember Notes:  Congrats to the following athletes who completed all 10 workouts from our ROWvember challenge!! (If we missed you, please let us know.) Your pins are on the way and we can’t wait to see you display them with pride!

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. YAY ROWvember finishers! Well done!!!

  2. Awesome job everyone!

  3. I’m pretty sure I did them all?

  4. Sorry Jesse. At the time I collected everyone’s names, I didn’t see that you had logged the last workout. Happy to add your name to the list of finishers! Congrats!

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