Daily WOD – Dec 22, 2022

Sikora ‘sleighing’ his fitness!

Workout of the Day

Push press + push jerk + split jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1

Then complete NFT:

  • 30 strict handstand push ups (4″ deficit)

WOD Notes: Today is a barbell complex where you’ll find the heaviest weight at which you can complete 1 push press immediately into 1 push jerk immediately into 1 split jerk. If you are new to these movements, stay lighter and work on technique. During the cash out, you’ll complete 30 strict handstand push ups, ideally to a 4″ deficit or select a target that’s lower than you’re used to. If you’re not comfortable going upside down, you can sub 30 heavy dumbbell strict presses.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Anne Lise!


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