Daily WOD – Aug 2, 2022

Peter & Yilu crushing their thrusters!

Workout of the Day

Push jerk 8×1 (90%)

Then complete 3 rounds NFT of:

  • 10 AHAP HSPU
  • 10 strict toes to bar

WOD Notes:  Push jerks will be completed “across,” meaning you choose 1 weight and ideally stay there for all 8 sets. Choose the most difficult form of handstand push up that you can do today (AHAP = as hard as possible)! That could mean using a deficit, elevated postion, wall walks, A-frame, bottoms up KB presses or handstand holds.

Event Note:  Mark your calendars for Sunday, September 11 for our annual 31Heroes WOD & Fundraiser! You can join our fundraising team or donate to our team HERE!

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