Daily WOD – Aug 14, 2019

Ricky coming in on a farmer carry!


  • 400m (80%)
  • 250m (90%)
  • 8x100m (100%)

Then 100 dead bugs NFT (50R/50L)

WOD Notes: Those of you with any kind of hamstring issues should not hit a full sprint today.  Use it as some good old fashioned conditioning!  Those of you who love to sprint, get ready.

31Heroes Notes: Thank you to everyone who participated in our 9th annual 31Heroes fundraiser! We are currently sitting in 4th place for total amount raised with a total of $2810. Once the site is updated to reflect the donations we collected at the event, we should jump to 3rd place with a total of over $3600! Our team donation page will remain open until August 31st, so there’s still time if you wanted to contribute. Thank you team ICA!


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  1. Alright Rocco, you got away with one this time. I was ready to lay down a 5 burpee per 100m race bet with you but it looks like I’m all booked up for tonight. Next time….

  2. looks like you don’t have to do 40 burpees tonight 😎

  3. 6:00
    Dan R 1:19,:47, hi-:14, low-:13
    Blake 🙂

    Stephen K :12, :14
    Andrew 🙂
    Sydney 🙂
    Erik 🙂

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