Daily WOD – Apr 23, 2013

Great job tonight Coach T!
Great job tonight Coach T!

Teams of 3, with 1 athlete working at a time, complete:

  • 60 handstand push ups
  • 90 burpees
  • 120 pull ups
  • 150 KB swings (53/35#)
  • 180 sit ups

WOD Notes:  The movements can be done in any order, and you can break up the movements any way you want.  Be creative and go fast! (Ideas – 1. Complete as written, 2. Complete backwards, 3. Break into 2 or 3 rounds…) It is NOT expected that each team member contributes equally. If someone is really good at a movement, let them take extra reps! If you need a break, reach out to a teammate for help.


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  1. Lindsey

    This looks awesome!!! I am excited to do this!!!

  2. McGonigal

    OK, I guess I’ll give this one a shot even though I hate most of these movements.

    1. Kehl

      There goes the neighborhood.

      Good to have you back McGonigal!

  3. Laurie

    I love team WODs! There’s nothing to give you a little extra motivation like working in a team!

  4. Fili

    Damn, this one looks fun. Its the start of softball season so I’ll have to make this up on Thursday.

  5. Kevin

    Congrats, T!

  6. Nikki


    Jacki (P) & Marissa (mm) 28:21
    Ginger (box, G), Jocelyn (RR, 26, box), Sidlo Rx – 22:31
    Nick V (box, G+mf), Jenn Rx, Emily C (box, 26, G+mf) – 20:38

    Welcome back Emily!!!

    Craig, T, Joe – 20:10 (Rx+ 70/53 KB)
    Nikki W (AM), Jess (2AM), Filchner (2AM) 18:18
    Katie L (26, 45+AM), Rey Rx, Tom S (45+AM) – 20:43

    John W (20# vest, 2xpushups), Chamberlain Rx 23:05
    Kehl Rx, Brendan (3AM) – 23:39
    Natalie (box), MJ (26#, one arm!), Linds (45+AM) – 23:54
    Pugh, Kim, Jackie B (all 45+AM?) – 20:26

    Post to comments if we got some of the scales wrong!

    1. Nick V

      I used the green band only. No mf.

    2. Lindsey

      Welcome back Emily!!!! : )

    3. Chamberlain

      I used an ab-mat for HSPU.

      Welcome back Emily!!!

  7. Jackie B.

    Great job T : ) I used a 25, 10, & ab mat, but my other awesome partners just used the 25 and am.

  8. Kehl

    Great work T!


    Nick A (box)
    Phil Rx+ (70#kb)
    Garrett Rx+ (70#kb)

    Levy (Box)
    Mrs. (45+AM, Purple)

    Nikki (box, 26, green)
    Kelly (45+AM, 26)
    Peggy (box, 26, blue)



    Tanner Rx
    Laurie (45+2AM, purple)

    Sara R (45+AM, MF)
    Mar (box, P/B)

    Ron (2AM, Purple)
    Scott (45+2AM, G)
    Ernesto (45+AM, G) box?

    Melinda (box, Green/black, 26)
    Rachel (box, green)
    Angie (box, green, 26)

    Way to hang on to this one everyone!

    1. Sara R.

      Mar and I did 2/3’rds of the reps.

  9. Chamberlain

    Awesome job on your first class T!

  10. Garrett

    Love the team workouts. Great work by all. Nick and Phil…ill team up with you bad mamajamas anytime!

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