Make Up Day – Dec 29, 2011

Lindsey, Laurie, and Craig take on the AMRAP!

Come on in between 5 and 7 t0 make up one of the last 4 workouts.  This week’s choices are:

  1. Bamboo Shoulder Press 3×10, 20 weighted box jumps (24″/20), 3×15 partner leg pushdowns.
  2. Thruster 3-3-3-3-3 then partner Kalsu (see Monday for details)
  3. AMRAP in 20 minutes of 30 DU, 20 box jumps (24″/20), 10 HPC (115#/75)
  4. Back Squat 5-3-3-2-1-1 then Bottom to Bottom Tabata squats

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  1. Joe

    Hoping to be in tomorrow….going through withdrawal, but having some bad low back issues last few days. We’ll see.

  2. Lindsey

    See you tomorrow at 5!

  3. Nikki

    Results (all for the 20 min AMRAP)
    Craig 6+15 (15 DU, 20″, 95#)
    Lindsey 6+17 (10 DUA, 55#)
    Laurie 7 (15 DU, 45#)
    Nick 7+11 (10 DUA, 65#)

  4. Laurie Kenderdine

    Such an awesome workout. Soo much fun!!

  5. craig

    all the squats on wednesday and the box jumps yesterday i think my legs are going to fall off. thanksguys!

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