Open 2017 – Team Results!

We’ve tallied the results, and we have the answer you’ve been waiting for! The top 5 teams for the 2017 Open are listed below. Full results are available in our spreadsheet HERE. We also tallied individual results; check out the 17.5 page of the spreadsheet for those rankings (far right hand side).

Disclaimer: There were 78 results each week, for 5 weeks, which is 340 opportunities for error. If you notice we entered a wrong score, please let us know! If changing it affects the overall results we’ll be sure to re-post.

Top 5 Teams:

  1. Flex Appeal – Jenn, KTS, Vicki, Missy
  2. Mayhem Understudies – Erin B, Nikki, Rocco, Ray Z
  3. Abusement Park – Austin, Brian W, Ash, DK
  4. Masters’ Revenge – Betsy, Erik, Jeff, Brian F, John C
  5. Team 17 – Tav, Kelly D, Bob K, Bob B

Thank you to all 78 athletes who participated this year! Now is time for some post-Open relaxation and reflection. If the Open made you aware of some weaknesses you want to attack before next year, go update your goals card and we will help you get there! And if you haven’t already read it, check out this post on “My Goal for You.” It’s a reminder of what really matters when it comes to health, fitness, and CrossFit. (We hope you agree!)

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  1. Nikki k

    Thanks Nikki and John for organizing and all the coaches that helped run this every week!! Nice work everyone! This was so much fun. Now time to get to work on double unders, toes to bar…

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