New Rates effective June 1

Membership Rate Change

Those of you who have been at ICA for a while know that we constantly strive to improve the quality of services we offer, including our facilities, schedule, coaching and equipment. For example, we opened up the North Room last fall, which added 18 weekly classes and dozens of Open Gym hours to the schedule. We’ve also increased our specialty program offerings (Olympic lifting, Aerobic Capacity, Youth & Teen) and augmented our coaching staff. All of these improvements come at a cost, but we haven’t raised our rates in 3 years (since June 2020)! Our new rates will go into effect on June 1, 2023, and will help us to continue to deliver a top-notch experience for you and future ICA athletes.

Your June auto-payment will reflect these new rates:

Adult Memberships

  • Unlimited Membership – $190
  • Standard Membership (14 classes) – $160

Teen Memberships

  • Unlimited Membership – $190
  • 2x/week (9 classes/month) – $127
  • 1x/week (5 classes/month) – $85

Youth Memberships

  • 2x/week – $127
  • 1x/week – $85

Personal Training

  • 1 hour – $85
  • 30 min – $50

Going forward, we plan to implement a small increase annually on June 1, on the order of 2-4%. We will announce the new rates at least a month in advance. For reference, the new June 2023 rates reflect what our rates would have been if we had increased 2% per year since June 2020.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Thank you!


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